20 Jun 2015

Texas pastor Rick Scarborough is willing to be burned to death to oppose gay marriage

Move over, couple who promised to get a divorce if gay marriage was legalised, because one Texas pastor has taken his opposition to marriage equality one step further.

Rick Scarborough, a Baptist pastor and Christian political activist, has said he would be willing to be burned to death in his fight against gay rights.
He made the bizarre pledge while speaking to EW Jackson, a right-wing minister and politician, on the National Emergency Coalition show, a podcast linked to Jackson's group, Staying True to America's National Destiny (STAND).
Speaking about his commitment to traditional values in the face of public condemnation, Scarborough said: "We are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and if necessary we will burn."

Scarborough did not specify whether he was talking about self-immolation, or being burned for his views by other people.
On the same show, the preacher made another pledge to sacrifice himself for his views, this time talking about the 'persecution' of lay Christians who oppose gay rights - such as the Oregon bakers who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding.

He said: "The preachers need to get out front, the leaders need to get out front, out front of these ordinary citizens and say: 'Shoot me first.'"
When not making boldly suicidal claims on internet radio shows, Scarborough can be found running Vision America, an organisation that aims to "inform, encourage and mobilise pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values" to America.
He has previously called AIDS "God's judgement", and is the author of the 2006 book, Liberalism Kills Kids.


  1. Pastors have been a sleep way too long, and put their people to sleep as well! Most don't even know what's going on their own soil! It's too late now!

  2. Roland W. Bailey20 June 2015 at 11:08

    I give him about 5 seconds before he's screaming for someone to shoot him.

  3. "gay rights" is sham/scam/joke. Even intelligent members of the LGBT community will tell you that.
    what "rights" don't gays have?
    I guess they can't vote
    can't own property?
    are they slaves?
    can't work?
    do they not get the same protections in the constitution and bill of rights as any other member of society?
    are they not "allowed" to be in life long CIVIL UNION partnerships?

    the whole "idea" that gays somehow are stuggling through a "rights movement like that of blacks is utterly ridiculous.. as the only "rights" gays want is 1) force religion and dictionaries to change their definition of marriage 2) allow members of the LGBT community to use "whichever bathroom makes them feel comfortable" 3) to FORCE you to not only accept, but comply and promote it against your own morals or beliefs or be punished (see bakery gets fined for refusing to make "Gay marriage cake")

  4. Will there be a raffle to decide who tosses the match? If not, I volunteer - the fewer religious fundamentalists, of ANY religion, the better off the real people are.

  5. Blame the religion is pure hogwash, this man is a totall dilution, and talks utter bollocs, and above all, the meer notion of God into this makes me wounder.
    If our God is omnipottent and all emcopasing, then my did he make Gays.
    If this idiot is to blame anyone for this reality is God.
    The gays are just living thrue an medival dogmes alowed to rule because of several weird reasons.
    One is de fact how FEW they are, averagly 2-4 % of an entrie population.
    The second fact is that Gays are been exploited by political freaks in both sides of this childish debate whom is more media controlled and hoisted to riddicilous hights.

    Leave them in peace, lett Them live their lifes, as long the Gays respect everyone else They have me deepest repect anyhow.


  6. Obsessive interest in what other people do with their crotches goes all the way back to our chimp-like ancestors. People who still can't control their thoughts about Other Peoples Crotches (OPC) are only exposing how badly they have failed to overcome their baser instincts. More evolved humans understand and accept that sex is fun, it can be enjoyed in a remarkable variety of ways, and that once you go down the road of regulating it based on certain religious beliefs you've opened a very ugly can of worms. Protecting public health is one valid area to apply sensible laws, outlawing force or coercion in sex is another, protecting minors is still another; but "I don't like it" or even "we don't like it" is not a legitimate starting point. If you don't like it, don't do it, but don't let what other people do consensually and privately dominate your thoughts -- that's sick.

  7. Seems like a self solving problem. M'kay tough guy, do it. I'll bring the marshmallows.

  8. Will there be hot dogs - maybe burgers -- Im good with this.

  9. God opposes suicide ----
    When "alternative lifestyles" overtake the host culture, the host will die and take the "alternative" culture with it. Attempting to "equalize" these subcultures simply because MOMMY DEMANDS her little ..... CREATION .... be "accepted" does not change the fact they are non-viable SUB-cultures
    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization.Show me the homosexual civilization. When the "alternate" lifestyle becomes mainstream,civilization DIES. The parasite cannot live without it's healthy host body.

  10. Will someone please help him out with that?

  11. Saint_Augustine20 June 2015 at 14:14

    I understand there may be a flag burning day coming soon so perhaps we can make a day of it. I bet the NAACP could get some marchers for a parade before the burning and the LBGT community will handle the post burning party! With more time to plan there could be Bible burnings and bra burnings along with bar-b-cue and beer.

  12. Saint_Augustine20 June 2015 at 14:19

    Ryan, contact a medical professional immediately, you have symptoms of head trauma, your life may be in danger!

  13. O.o seek professional help right now.

  14. It's all satanic if you haven't figured it out yet. The definition man, woman, marriage was all given by your creator. Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman. It's like a white person saying she wants identifies herself as black. reaperishere.weebly.com

  15. The christians are going to be killed by the satanists. reaperishere.weebly.com

  16. Saint_Augustine20 June 2015 at 16:26

    That's excellent, enjoy yourself!

  17. glennbecksaccomplice20 June 2015 at 18:08

    People - this guy is clearly a troll. No one is this stupid.

  18. Just like Glenn Beck was willing to be water boarded.

    He doesn't have the courage to follow through.

  19. maybe you could point out one SPECIFIC thing i said that is factually incorrect? ... rather than fling out insults, hoping they stick :D

  20. a CIVIL union provides all those same "financial benefits" as a Marriage, without the religious aspect, or having to change the definition of what a marriage is supposed to be about (having children and growing a family) not worrying about who gets what during the divorce! :D

  21. You're right Chris, separate institutions are definitely equal.

  22. by your logic.. "separate change rooms" (or separate anything) is no longer "Equal".... lets take it a step further... who are you to challenge the 12 year old who "feels" like he wants to sleep with the 40 year old man. What are you "Anti Child equality" why do you get to decide that child is not "old enough" to decide what they want.. after all, we're teaching children as young as 8 that there is "no such thing as a boy or girl"... and since we're all about "Equality" why should children who FEEL a certain way be told they aren't "allowed" to do something.

    and when there are two institutions... and one is RELIGIOUS (marriage) and based on a religion and be definition is between a "man and woman" the pathetic argument of "equality" falls apart when all the things you listed that you pretend its about (debt, divorce, money etc.) are all covered under CIVIL UNION LAWS for same sex couples...

    this is about GAYS forcing non gays to not only ACCEPT their perversion, but promote it as normal, and be afraid to say anything to the contrary.

    Cultrual marxism has served the elite in the same way as it always has.. to SHUT THE SHEEP UP. to STIFLE DISSENT.... to make you afraid to act, talk or even THINK certain ways. topics, arguments become "off limits" and then you are primed to "Accept" anything, and not have the means to fight back.

    The GAY AGENDA is only one branch of the Cultrual Marxism, aka social engineering, aka BRAINWASHING agenda.

    if one disagrees with Obama's policies on say immigration... you better not say anything, or else you're a "Racist"

    if one disagrees with Hilary Clinton's scandals (Bengazi) you better not say anything, or else you're a "Sexist"

    if one disagrees with homosexuality... you better not say anything, and if a homosexual tells you they want you to GO AGAINST YOUR MORALS AND RELIGIOUS BELIEFS for their perosnal benefit (forcing a baker to make a cake with threat of fines and punishment)
    you're a "homophobe"

    not to mention a society that pretends like simply being gay or "Deciding" you're now a "transgender" is some form of accomplishment worthy of front page news, never ending media coverage and a "enterainment tonight" docudrama.... Theres plenty of in your face evidence to prove my point

    and only insults and straight up lies to try and suggest anything different!

  23. While we're at it, lets merge "boyscouts" with "girlscouts" lets get rid of girl's/boys separate sports.... you know in the name of "equality"
    ... and why stop at "Same sex couples." ... what about the man in love with his goat... should he not be EQUAL in the eyes of the law to be married? are you a "Beastialiphobe"?

    or what about the a man "born": with the "Sexual orientation" of being turned on by dead people. Since he was "born" that way like a homosexual or transgender, is not simply a "Sexual orientation" and not a "mental disorder" ...?

    i mean... it's all about EQUAL RIGHTS!

  24. Well, I'm not going to burn him but if he really wants to torch himself, I'm not going to try and stop him.

  25. I think of these people in this way:

  26. Who the hell is saying "stop liking what i dont like" I'm a champion of freedom and choice.
    I would like you to take a direct quote from my response and show me where i say anything remotely like
    "stop liking what i don't like"...

    When the pro LGBT people have to keep inventing things I never said to try and deny (and ignore) my valid, logical arguments... is about the only move you got. :D You can't obviously try to argue facts, truth, logic or reason... or use anything I say against me... so make up things, I never said, pretend I said them, then attack me! :D

    the irony here is ... the only people FORCING people to "Like something they don't like" are the pro LGBT socially engineered sheep.
    nobody is saying "you can't be gay" or but when a father says "hey I don't want men in dresses with their penis out in the girl's change rooms, because they "indentify" as a female" that's his right.

    when a baker REFUSES business for whatever reason. (didn't like the customers attitude for instance) it's ok. but if he refuses to make a gay wedding cake based on his religious or moral beliefs... he will and SHOULD according to you (and the LGBT community) be punished...

    now who is saying "stop liking what I don't like" again?! :D
    Irony, hypocrisy, denial, blatant (and deliberate) misquotation...

    it's all in there ! Congrats. you checked off every box on your "Shill checklist"

  27. Why should the government be involved with any religious ceremonies at all? Just make it so gays and straights can get the same insurance and tax breaks as each other and leave marriages to the churches and those elvis impersonators in Las Vegas.

  28. We don't have separate white and black sports teams. Would the world survive if women had to compete for the same positions as men? Supposedly they already do in the business world, why not the playing field?

  29. I'm willing to discuss the age of consent laws with you. Right now I don't think 12-year-olds are able to form consenting sexual relationships, nor do I think they are old enough to drive cars, or vote, or fight in the army. So what's preventing a 12-year-old from marrying a 40-year-old? His inability to adequately provide consent. Now when he's 18 (or possibly sooner in some circumstances) he should be allowed to marry whomever he wants.

    The accomplishment is not in being gay or being transgender. It's publicly acknowledging it because there are so many people that are willing to hurt you just for acknowledging who you are. It is brave, but of course as more and more old idiots die off and younger more accepting people take their place, it's becoming easier for gay people to be honest and open about their relationships, just like straight people have had the right to do for a long time.

  30. What about the baker who refuses to bake a cake on religious grounds because his religion instructs him that interracial marriages are immoral?

    Should a bank be able to turn away interracial couples because the owners are fundamentalist members of the Christian Identity movement?

    You're "men with penises out" in a "girls changing room" is a bit absurd. That's more likely to happen with a Christian preacher in the church basement than anywhere else in the world.

  31. Some people say their religion says marriage is only between two white people or two people of the same race. Are they wrong?

    The bible also has many examples of plural marriages between one man and multiple women. Do you agree that is God's intent?

    How do you know your invisible sky fairy and set of thousand year old holy books is the right one? Are the Mormon's holy books equally as valid? The Muslims? The Jews? The Catholics? The Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Whose mythology must we obey?

  32. You haven't made any logical arguments yet. Actually you haven't even made any illogical arguments. It's like you just banged letters on your keyboard while spewing forth foam from your mouth.

    But since your same type of logic was used to justify laws that prevented whites from marrying blacks, maybe you can tell me why or why not should a black man be allowed to marry a white woman.

    Whose religion should US laws be based on? Southern Baptist Evangelicals? Polygamist Mormons? Catholics? Where in our Constitution does it say which specific mythology our laws should follow?

  33. Probably closeted gay who believes he is evil for being gay.

  34. Umm Boy Scouts in pretty much every country except the United States has Female scouts.

  35. I'm suprised that the KKK hasn't decided to become a Religious Organization so they can claim thier religious beliefs are being infringed on. Because God created White Man to rule over all other races.

  36. Well if we followed the Religious beliefs of our Founding Fathers its less christian and more Deist. Thomas Jefferson was practically an Athiest. Ben Franklin and George Washington not far behind him. Hell we even have a treaty that flat out states our nation is not a Christian Nation.

  37. The sad fact of the matter is Jesus would totally call this dude a False Prophet.

  38. Well there was the Romans and the Greeks they were pretty hip with homosexuality. The Catholic Church had no real issues with it until the 15th century.

  39. Marisa Martins21 June 2015 at 05:19

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  40. ya they are called GIRL SCOUTS and they are a SEPERATE (yet EQUAL) organization ;)

  41. So he makes a statement of pledge that will never occur. Way to go. You're so brave... or something.

  42. a man of ANY race can marry a woman of ANY race (I am in a mixed race relationship as i am euorpean, and my wife asian! :D)
    and that's PERFECTLY Fine, why? Because the DEFINITION of MARRIAGE is between a "Man" and "woman" also known as "husband" and "wife". ;) the purpose of the religous institution of MARRIAGE is for the PURPOSE of starting a family (having children) and supporting them until they can have children of their own.. you know the whole survival of the human race thing?! :D

    when a GAY couple (two men OR two women) decide which one them his "husband" and which one is "wife" to complete the holy matrimony, and then they can NATURALLY have chidlren, and contribute to the survival of the human race, then we can call "Gay Marriage" EQUAL. After we've CHANGED the definition of what Marriage is, to suit the PC agenda :D

    once again... you couldn't use 1 thing i said against me... couldn't refute any argument i made (and I made plenty)

    you just threw out some more insults and hope it makes people "stop listening" ;)

  43. Funny... because the GAY hair dresser who refused to cut the governor of new mexico's hair, because the governor voted against Gay Marriage, wasn't FINED, PUNISHED or demonized! In fact the gay hairdresser who REFUSED service, simply because his client didn't bleieve in gay marriage was a HERO!

    The baker who refuses anybody is in their RIGHT OF A PRIVATE BUSINESS OWNER! They can refuse service to somebody because they dont' how your dressed, don't like your attitude, don't have the time, can't agree on a price, don't like the cake style, ETC ETC ETC that's the FREEDOM of a PRIVATE business owner... Even if he's a RACIST and CHOOSES not to do business with certain ethnicities.. it's HIS CHOICE (and since he relies on customers to make his money, turning away people for any reason is not the smartest choice!) but once again... it's the BUSINESS OWNERS choice...UNLESS of course..the person he refused is GAY.. then it's international news, and the person will be fined and punished.

    but if it's a gay business owner, refusing a straight person... that's perfectly ok!

    These ridiculous double standards, show the GAY AGENDA for what it really is... a political campaign to demonize dissent... as is ALL so called "political correctnesss"

    don't like Obamacare you're a racist
    dont' like Hilary's scandals, you're a sexist
    don't want to be forced to participate in gay marriage... you're HOMOPHOBE
    ... oh and if your a "white" "privileged" "male" you better not speak of negatively of ANYTHING... because "privlieged" and "white" and "male".. lol

    basically if you don't like something somebody does.. you better not do, say or even THINK anything, or the PC police will be all over you!

  44. funny... because now they are teaching children as young as 6 about "consent" and as young as 8 about "gay relations"... and you have vidoes of little children "twerking" in "booty shorts" at Gay Pride, to cheers of the LGBT community. and why do YOU get to decide that a 12 year old is NOT old enough to consent!? if theyu are old enough to KNOW they are GAY, they are old enough to be sexually attracted to an older man... why are YOU the one to say "sorry I don't believe your old enough to make your own decisisions"

    I guess your "anti choice" "Anti teen" and want everyboyd to conform your idea of right and wrong.... what a hypocrite! :D

    and the best part of my satirical argument?

    The only reason homosexuality and transgenderism are "accepted" "moral" and LEGAL now is because the APA's DSM Manual RECLASSIFIED homosexuality and transgender from a "disorder" to a "Sexual orientation" based on the IDEA that these peopel are "born that way"... so if they are BORN like that.. who are we to judge and try to change them or tell them they are wrong, right?

    funny because the APA used the EXACT SAME IDEA to RECLASSIFY Paedophilia from a "Disorder" to a "Sexual orientation" to normalize, moralize, and leaglize it just like they did homosexuality!... it wasn't until huge public backlash that the APA claimed the relcassification was an "errror"... riiiiiiigggggggghht!

    so it's quite obvious where the "Acceptance" movement is headed.

    firts it was homos, then trannys, now children.... next step.. animals, followed by the "Rights" of those who want to sleep with Dead people.. because it's all "Sexual Orientation" and not "mental disorders"

    even though homosexuality provides NO BENEFIT to mankind. it's a GENETIC DISORDER that PREVENTS man from reproducing! if 100% of the population turned gay that would be the END of the human race... so to try and pretend like being gay gives an individual an equal contribution to the suriviavl of society is downright bullsh(t... .. if gays disappeared over night.. the human race would not be affected... if striaght people disappeared over night... humans would be extinct in a few decades...... but go ahead... tell me that basic TRUTH is wrong!

  45. segregation based on RACE makes NO SENSE... as all men are MEN... relatively same size/weight. same hormones, same mucle mass, same bone structure, same phsyical fitness/endurance/strength, etc.

    Women... (i know this may be hard for the PC crowd to hear, digest and accept) are PHYSICALLY smaller, weaker, different hormones, body structure, muscle mass, phsyical fitness/endurance/strenght.

    woman have a thing called a "reproductive system" and things called "Breasts" as part of their PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOLOGY they have SOFTER bodies, higher % of fat, and are built less inclined for phsyical activity

    of course we can pretend like im wrong and that men and women are "equal" in all aspects... which is about as ridiculous as you can get...

    lets see a female football team play against a mans
    or a WNBA team against NBA
    or lets let the top woman MMA fighter fight against the top MALE in her weight class (equal weight/size and all!)

    i wonder what would happen?
    im sure they would all end up in ties, because men and women are EQUAL in every way! :D

    ps EQUAL doen't mean the SAME
    a pound of steel and a pound feathers are both EQUAL... but they are TOTALLY different!

    There goes your pathetic pc argument, destroyed by logic, facts, truth, REALITY.

  46. I agree 100% with that.. gay people should be able to be life partners in CIVIL UNION relationships with all the same monetary rights as a marriage... however a MARRIAGE be DEFINITION (and religious institutions) si between a MAN and a WOMAN.

    I'm not up for changing definitions, beliefs, religion, morals to pander to people who are trying to force it on you!

    so gay people can form all the civil unions they want.. when gay people INSIST on "Marriage" it's because they are trying to fore their beliefs on you and change your fundamental beliefs and morals to suit their ideals.

    the irony and hypocrisy is so blatant it can't go unnoticed.

  47. Since there is only one true God, yes I say they are definitely wrong. The ten commandments are the laws given for man on this earth, might be the universe.

  48. Since there is only one true God, yes I say they are definitely wrong.
    The ten commandments are the laws given for man on this earth, might be
    the universe. You're body is your temple. God doesn't want you to be stick things in your ass where you are supposed to crap out of. Evolution also tells you that homosexuality is wrong because it is survival of the fittest and you cannot procreate by fucking in the ass. So where does that leave these sexual perverts -- right next to the pedophiles. they are sexual deviants.

  49. Hey, Chris. We are at the end of the age. I noticed these people on comments section that hate god work for the government. They usually stay on mainstream media sites, but now a lot are popping up on alternate sites. Their time is short. They are government satanists trying to persuade the youth to turn to the dark side. reaperishere.weebly.com.

  50. Nope they are the same organization. You might want to actually learn something for a change then assuming you know things.

  51. LOL They are the same PARENT organization! but they are SEPARATE organizations! with SEPARATE EVENTS, SEPARATE "BADGES", SEPARATE community organization, and of course they are SEPARATED by Gender!

    or maybe you can find me an event where boyscouts and girlssouts camped out together and did the same activities?
    find me some "boy scouts" going door to door selling "boyscout" cookies?! :D

    I know you can't even believe the bullsh*t you're spewing....

  52. Ya.. they are called GIRL SCOUTS and do DIFFERENT activities and have different MERIT badges, and have TROOP MOTHERS, and sell COOKIES door to door.

  53. it's "absurd" to think that a Tranny male who "identifies" as a female would be naked in a woman's change room? exposing him self to girls? hwo is that "absurd" that's actually pretty common place.

    but i guess if you pretend like it's "absurd" then eveybody should disregard it!

    I guess I never made any logical argument explaining how social engineering is about STOPPING people from acting, speaking or even tHINKING against the "politicall correct"

    its VERY logical. VERY factual. and has been proving be reality DOZENS of times.

    any time sombody doesn't like something Obama does, they are called a RACIST

    any time somebody doesn't like something Hilary does, they are a sexist.

    if you dont' like something a homo does, you're a "homphobe"

    which gives any memeber of the "politically correct, special protected miniority class" CARTE BLANCHE to say/do anything they want, with complete protection from public backlash.

    and like I said.. a PRIVATE business, owned by PRIVATE people can turn away business for ANY REASON. no matter how ignorant, immoral, RACIST their motivations! That's their FREEDOM OF CHOICE as a PRIVATE BUSINESS.... the catch 22 is, if a PRIVATE business is so "selective" of their customers they wont' be in business very long! the IDEA that you need GOVERNMENT to FORCE compliance of PRIVATE business owners to suit a POLITCAL AGENDA... is something only a complete idiot would advocate and not see through.

    but lets pretend like I didnt' say anything that makes sense again :D

  54. The United States is not a theocracy, so when addressing marriage as a matter of LAW it does not matter what the bible says, or what Jesus might say, or what the church might say. What matters is that everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law.

    Can a person marry a goat? No because, a goat is not entitled to equal protection under the law. Can a person marry a corpse? No, the same reasoning applies.

    For the record, I would support gender neutral sports teams and bathrooms.

  55. Do you see any parallel between yourself and the Pharisees?

  56. if you support "gender neutral sportsteams" then you're one of the dumbest people on the planet.

    Just because you THINK and "FEEL" that women are "EQUAL" (and that somehow means THE SAME) you would subject women to the brutality, embarrassment and injury of ATTEMPTING to compete professionally, against, larger, strong, more physically capable, MEN with TESTOSTERONE in their veins, higher muscle mass, bone density and weight to throw around...

    you my friend are a the worst kind of moron.

    Lets get the "top 135 pound female boxer in the world" and put her in the ring against Floyed Maywheather... and see how "equal" and "gender neutral" the world is! :D

    absolute idiocy.

  57. Boy scouts- http://www.scouting.org/

    Girls Scouts- https://www.girlscouts.org/

    Funny.. they have two TOTALLY DIFFERENT Websites... different "Contact me" info... different "program basics" different "awards"
    TOTALLY DIFFERENT EVENTS (where there are never Boy scouts and Girl scouts in the same place at the same time...)

    but you're right... Boy Scouts, Girl scouts.. it's all the SAME THING.. because YOU SAID so ... regardless of how it REALLY is... because there's "no such things as a boy and girl" :D

  58. Equal protection... you mean how the Baker was FORCED by law to make a "gay wedding cake" against his moral, religious and private beliefs, in his PRIVATE business...

    vs how the GAY HAIRDRESSER was NOT FINED or PUNISHED for refusing service to the governor of New Mexico... soley because the governor did not "believe" in gay marriage!

    so that "equal protection" you talk about protects gays and forces non gays to comply... but then turns around an applauds gays who do the exact same thing that they straight people got fined, and punished, and demonized for?

    I guess that's what you call "hypocritical equal protections"

  59. Boy Scouts Law: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

    Girl Scouts Law: I will do my best to be Honest and Fair, Friendly and Helpful, Considerate and Caring, Courageous and Strong, and Responsible for what I say and do, And to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

    Boy Scouts of America, founded Feb 8, 1910. was inspired by and modeled on the Boy Scout Association, established by Baden-Powell in Britain in 1908

    Girls Scouts of America, Founded March 12, 1912... Founded when Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia.

    Two TOTALLY different organizations who simply were both brough into the BSA at a later date.... keeping different values, awards, events, and above all SEPARATING the youth by GENDER... you know the Gender that ridiculous morons like your self pretend dont' exist :D

  60. I dont dispute the biblical definition of marriage or the biblical basis for saying homosexuals commit sins. It doesn't matter because the bible is not the law, and everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law. The "facts" you use dispute of this is the shriek loudly about a bunch of other things that have no bearing on the matter at hand, and your attitude regarding biblical law at the expense of civil reeks of the pharisees that Jesus rejected.

    As for you - I think Luke 6:37 and Romans 2:1-3 would like a word with you ;)

  61. I'm not talking about the morals of homosexuality. Any adult should be able to engage in any activity they want, regardless of how others may perceive it, or if it is otherwise dangerous or unhealthy. That's the beauty of FREEDOM.
    the FACTS I like the point out (which nobody ever disputes, just pretends like I never mention it) is how "The Law" is only applied 1 way to enhance the PC agenda.

    for instance.. ."anti discrimination laws" were the basis for the Baker getting fined, and punished for refusing to make a Gay wedding cake.

    meanwhile the Gay hair dresser who refused service to the governor of new mexico for the exact same premise in reverse (the governor was against the idea of gay marriage) the State saw that to be perfectly legal, acceptable, and even had the gay hairdresser promoted as a "hero" standing up for "Gay rights" in the media.

    That ridiculous double standard should be enough for any THINKING person to see through the phony "rights" agenda and see the pc campaign for what it really is. Culural Marxism.. otherwise known as SOCIAL ENGINEERING where peopel are BRAINWASHED so certain topics (race, gender, sexuality) become "off limits" and then these things can be used to stifle debate on completely unrelated topics.


    "I dont' like Obamacare or his immigration policies"
    the PC response to stifle dissent: "you dont' like Obama because he's black... you're a racist!"
    Argument defused, without actually offering any counter argument.. just an attack using the PRE PROGRAMED "pc doctrine" voila... Debate over.

    "I don't like all the scandals surrounding Hilary Clinton"
    The PC response to stifle dissent."
    "you're only bringing attention to these scandals because she's a woman, and you're a sexist."

    ...and I already provided a real world, factual, example of the Gay PC agenda in action (baker/hairdresser)

    so ya... do I give a crap that gay people want to get married? Hell no... What I care about is how the government PRETENDS to care about "gays" "women" "minorities" simply as a PLOY to shove their agenda down people's throats and try to figure out the most effective means of shutting up those smart enough/strong enough to speak out.

  62. Edward Fadigan22 June 2015 at 19:05

    Really looking forward to the SCOTUS proving you wrong. SSM will (hopefully) become a Constitutional Right.

    And to be against it, will be soon be considered both unpatriotic & unamerican - much like being against interracial marriage is considered today.

    It looks as if Chris Sky, just went on record, for over 1000 words - on JUST how unpatriotic & unamerican future generations will consider him.

    I hope your grandchildren, and further generations find this thread, and quickly swipe the window closed, in a flush of embarrassment. And rightfully so.

    "Oh Grandpa ... really?"

  63. You are talking about different states with different discrimination laws.

    The baker was operating in a state where legally gay people are a protected class, i.e. you cannot refuse service because they are gay. By refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding because the couple are gay, the baker violated the law and was fined. What they should have said was "we don't have time", not "your lifestyle is a sin, no cake for you".

    New Mexico has no law protecting people from political speech, so the barber broke no laws.

    There was another bit of news where a person asked muslim bakeries to supply a gay wedding cake. Since sexual orientation is not a protected class in Michigan, no laws were broken when they refused to provide service.

    Religious view is not a good reason to break the law. Should a muslim be able to force female employees to wear burqas and fire them if they dont because women are "immoral"? Should a hindu be able to force hinduism on their employees by banning them from eating beef?

    This isn't an issue of the government "shoving" anything down anyones throat - its a matter of protecting the rights of a group of people by law. No one will force you to marry another man or your wife to marry a woman.

  64. LOL the entire ridiculous LGBT movement will always only be a media darling, and promoted by the political class and the most ignorant members of "Western" society. The rest of the civilized world (and the majority of the American population) will never, ever , reagrdless of how much propaganda, lies and laws are tried to pass to claim that homosexuality is "normal" "natrual" and "healthy" ... the entire purpose of SEX is the procreation of children for the survival of the human race... that's NATURAL (Which interracial satisfies.) When two men or two women can have "Sex" and have a baby together, without any scientific intervention... then we'll cal it "natural" ... as for "normal"... no matter how many covers Bruce Jenner gets, or how many tv channels promote it, or how young they try to program the children, the VAST MAJORITY (well over 90%) of the population will be heterosexual... the genetic defect of homosexuality or transgender disorder will always be simply that... health disorders, like any myriad of other psychological (in the mind) disorders. like Bi-polar, SChitzo, Anorexia, etc! and finally as for "healthy"... it's a well known, documented fact by multiple sources, that homosexual males are suffering an epidemic of HIV with now gay men making up over 50% of new hiv infections each year (while only representing 2% of the overall population) to the point where 1 out of 5 gays has HIV... and guess what.. in 20 years those numbers will be even worse. (hence why it's illegal to give blood if you're a homosexual male, and even in states that are relaxing these laws due to LGBT pressure.. the gay man will have to prove he was celebate for 5 years!...) so much for "healthy"

    trying to compare homosexual relations to an interacial relationship is as ridiculous as comparing "gay rights" (constituting gay marriage and hate crimes) to the very real "civil rights" movement (constituting slavery, voting, right to freedom, work, own property, segregation)

    so ya.. my grandchildren (beacuse since Im not gay and more than likely will be able to carry on my REAL bloodline) will always value the "Traditional" family as the IDEAL. And that means a MOTHER and FATHER... regardless if gays wanna play husband and husband, they will NEVER EVER be able to attain the beauty of natural wonder of starting a biological family and carrying on the human race.

  65. I've been to one. Our own National Jamboree.