2 Jun 2015

Radical “Gay Rights” Group Plotted with Government to Punish Oregon Bakers

sweet cakes by Melissa 2
We’ve reported here a number of times about a young couple from Oregon who had their business destroyed by radical homosexual rights bullies for refusing to bake a cake for a “same-sex” wedding.
Sweet Cakes By Melissa’s owners – Aaron and Melissa Klein – were forced to close their bakery and hit with a $135,000 fine from an Oregon state civil rights agency.

Homosexual rights bullies also succeeded in shutting down a GoFundMe campaign set up to help the Kleins with their legal bills. 

The Rev. Franklin Graham even set up a fund via Samaritan’s Purse Ministries to help the Kleins after GoFundMe dropped them.
But, now there is a bombshell development in the case which points to collusion, corruption, and possible bribery on the part of those seeking to punish the Kleins.  The Daily Signal reports:
The Daily Signal has exclusively learned that the government agency responsible for enforcing Oregon’s anti-discrimination law appears to be working closely with a powerful gay rights advocacy group in its case against Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa.
Communications between the agency, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, and the LGBT organization,Basic Rights Oregon, raise questions about potential bias in the state’s decision to charge the Kleins with discrimination for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.
In April, a judge for the agency recommended the Kleins be fined $135,000.
Communications obtained through a public records request show employees of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries—which pursued the case against the Kleins—participating in phone calls, texting, and attending meetings with Basic Rights Oregon, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the state.
“That’s a clear conflict of interest,” Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal.
State agencies have a duty to represent the best interests of the general public, not the interests of one particular advocacy group. The relationship shown by these communications is inappropriate and raises basic questions about the objectivity, bias, and fairness of this agency and its proceedings.
Who knows how deep this corruption might go.  For a government agency to take its direction from a radical advocacy group is worse than bias, it is also illegal. 
It is the same kind of corruption the Obama Administration engages in regularly with using the IRS, the Justice Dept., and the EPA to punish its political opponents.

This is not how things are supposed to work in America.  In the case in Oregon, these emails may only be the tip of the iceberg.  The Daily Signal provides more information:

It is unclear what occurred during these meetings and phone calls, but the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries commissioner, who is in charge of determining the Kleins’ final punishment, met with Basic Rights Oregon on multiple occasions and purchased tickets costing hundreds of dollars benefiting the advocacy group.
Communications between Bureau of Labor and Industries Commissioner Brad Avakian and Basic Rights Oregon, which has actively spoken out against the Kleins, raise questions about whether the commissioner and other agency employees were using the case to benefit a political agenda, and in the process, stripping the Kleins of their right to a fair trial.
According to emails, Avakian met with Basic Rights Oregon on multiple occasions.
One of those meetings was planned for May 1, 2014, shortly before a federal court struck down Oregon’s Defense of Marriage Act.
Another meeting between the commissioner and Basic Rights Oregon occurred on or around August 5, 2014. This fell between the time a judge denied the Kleins’ first attempt to disqualify the commissioner for bias and shortly before a hearing for the case was scheduled to begin.
And, lots of money changed hands back and forth between Avakian and the radical pro-homosexual rights group as The Daily Signal tells it:
Emails also show Avakian purchasing tickets costing hundreds of dollars to attend Basic Rights Oregon’s annual fundraising galas and gay pride parades, while his agency’s case against the Kleins was underway.
In 2012, Basic Rights Oregon donated almost $8,000 to Avakian’s bid for commissioner.
So, here is a civil rights commissioner, considering a ruling against Christian bakers who took a stand for their faith, who was both giving and receiving large amounts of money from an advocacy group seeking to punish the bakers.  Talk about “paying off” the judge in advance of the trial!
But, it goes even deeper.  Guess who it was who appointed the administrative law judge who initially ruled against the Kleins and ordered them to pay the $135,000 fine?  The Daily Signal has the answer:
Avakian is a hugely important figure in the Kleins’ case—he will determine the fine amount the Kleins ultimately pay.
This April, Administrative Law Judge Alan McCullough, who was appointed to his position by Avakian and is also employed by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, issued a “proposed order” for the case against Sweet Cakes by Melissa.
McCullough recommended the Kleins pay $135,000 to Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, saying the Kleins imposed mental, physical and emotional damages upon the lesbian couple by refusing to serve them.
Now, Avakian must issue a final ruling on the case, and in doing so, he “can adopt all or any part” of McCullough’s proposed order.
So, it appears “the fix was in” for the Kleins before they even had a chance to defend themselves.

This is the typical radical fascism of the left.  Only their rights matter.  Those who oppose their extremist agenda need to be crushed under the heavy wheels of government power and bureaucracy.

Well, let us hope as this investigation proceeds and more revelations come to light, that the Kleins will be vindicated and those who abused their power in government and the radicals who bribed them will both face the full weight of the law.


  1. Guillotine_ready2 June 2015 at 11:34

    Corruption in this country is the main operating process. If it is a gov agency it is corrupt, I wish that was an over statement but it is not.

  2. Separation of church and state. This business was open to the public. The customers were members of that public. I say "Bake the effing cake!" If someone was a known atheist would they refuse him service? Probably not. Your customers' lifestyle choice is none of your business. You don't get the luxury of picking and choosing according to your religious beliefs. You're a business - get over it.

  3. When "alternative lifestyles" overtake the host culture, the host will die and take the "alternative" culture with it. Attempting to "equalize" these subcultures simply because MOMMY DEMANDS her little ..... CREATION .... be "accepted" does not change the fact they are non-viable SUB-cultures
    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization.Show me the homosexual civilization. When the "alternate" lifestyle becomes mainstream,civilization DIES. The parasite cannot live without it's healthy host body.

    Isn't it nice that all these MUTANTS have time to PARADE while People WORK? Community Organizers, not PRODUCTIVE CONTRIBUTORS.

  4. Hoping the Kleins refuse to pay. This is a HUGE overstep of government power.

  5. This reporting is clearly another attempt to divide us. Don't fall for it. We all have much more in common than our differences, and I look forward to the the day when we can co-exist with respect for each other even including our differences.

    As a gay man, I would not be pleased if a business refused me service because I'm gay. Since my religion does not make gay people bad, I too think a business person should treat me like everyone else. At the same time, I won't seek to force them to serve me if they really don't want to. Who would want their wedding cake made begrudgingly or through coercion?

    I certainly would not ask the government to make the bakers bake me a cake. Separation of church and state requires the government stay out of religion, and that includes not siding with my religion of tolerance and love.

    We gays need to stop getting so upset when we discover someone whose religion puts us in a bad light. Yes, it's 2015 and we should be beyond religious persecution. But, now that being gay is no longer illegal in the US, we can help ourselves move on by refusing to let religious radicals (yes, News Forage, the bakers in this case are quite radical too) bother us.

    In commerce, the market should handle these bakers. It has a lot more integrity to face the bakers directly. If it bothered me so much, I would try to talk with them. if that didn't work and I wanted to make an example of them, I would execute a campaign to inform the community of discrimination. This approach would be the ethical thing to do, and it would be more effective in the long run than involving the government.

    As gays, we need to fight religious radicals in their attempts to stop us from communing in the ways we choose, but likewise we must stop ourselves from wanting to control others as well. it's a waste of time to try to eradicate prejudice through government coercion. As history shows, the divide only gets deeper, and that's a detriment to us all.

  6. Settle down, Ryan. Your anger is clearly misdirected. Our civilization has always included gays and I'm proud of our many contributions. I'm sure you would be too if you were aware of them.

    Our civilization has huge problems right now and gays are not one of them. We need to work together and resist those who try to divide with trivial matters.

  7. It really is an overreach. No doubt. Please don't think badly of all gays just because some of want to use government in this unauthorized way. We're so tired of being marginalized. We just want to be a part of life like everyone else, to matter, and to love. Too bad our anger and frustration sometimes lead us to seek harmful remedies from government.

  8. In a sane country, I wouldn't need to point this out, but these people have a right to refuse service to anybody they choose. "Civil Rights" is nothing more than code for government-imposed destruction of right of association, and if freedom means anything, it means the natural right to choose your own company.

    The "tolerance" of Communist asswipes like these only extends to those who accept and bow to their dubious and idiotic premises. They will go out of their way to destroy those who don't. So much for their phony, preening "tolerance."

  9. You're right. It really is an overreach. No doubt. Please don't think badly of all gays though just because some want to use government in this unauthorized way. We're so tired of being marginalized. We just want to be a part of life like everyone else, to matter, and to love. Too bad our anger and frustration sometimes lead us to seek harmful remedies from government.

    Remember it wasn't very long ago that being gay was a criminal offense in this country, and in some countries today you can be arrested and put to death if they can prove you're gay. Civil rights are needed to protect a minority from people who want to make their religion the law of the land. Many Americans, perhaps even the bakers in this article, would like to use our government to enforce who you can and can not be affectionate with.

    Thanks for helping us keep clear on the proper role of government. There's still a chance we as a people can escape the confusions and manipulations that keep us dividing ourselves.

  10. The entire case, top to bottom is no doubt crawling with "usual suspects"

  11. As a White "Straight" (whatever that means) Male, I have seen abuses by the "Gay" Community through the years. I was refused service at a Lesbian Bar. My Girlfriend had to use a washroom and the washroom at a gas station was out of order, apparently, so we went across the street to this Lesbian bar. I didn't know it was "Lesbian" bar at that time.

    I explained to the hostess that my Girlfriend needed to use the washroom and I would be happy to buy a quick drink and leave for allowing the use of their washroom. We were denied service and my Girlfriend had to piss in the alley.

    This is just one of many things I have observed from this Community. I have "Gay" and Lesbian friends, have partied with Cross-dressers and the like and they are fabulous People, but this kind of thing really gets my hackles up. I refuse to support "Gay" Parades and such. They can "piss" off!!!