25 Jun 2015

Major University Claims Slavery is the Result of Christianity

And, if you don’t believe that, you’re undoubtedly a racist.
That’s what you’d learn if you were a student at the University of South Florida taking their Culture and Society in Africacourse to learn about slavery.
Here’s the money quote from the textbook used in the course:  “Anyone who is familiar with the history of black slavery will note that the strongest bulwark of the slave system was organized Christianity; or in other words, the various denominations of the Christian Church.”

The text and the instructor both have chosen to ignore the history of slavery, in Africa and in the US.  They’re also ignoring the reality of slavery today.  We know that because a whistleblower student provided screenshots of class discussions toCampus Reform.

All Christians were in favor of black slavery, because many of these slave workers have worked in mines and made them wealthy,” wrote one student.
Another student commented that the textbook “shows not only how Christianity defended slavery but how itbrainwashed people to think less of black lives.”
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According to one student, the textbook “obviously means that the Christian people were the ones who actually started slavery.”
Again, these are from students who have apparently seen the light.
Let’s talk about reality and slavery.  As Dinesh D’Souza noted, relative to this debate, Christians didn’t “start slavery.”
 …slavery pre-dated Christianity by centuries and even millennia. As we read from sociologist Orlando Patterson’s work, all known cultures had slavery. For centuries, slavery needed no defenders because it had no critics. Atheists who champion ancient Greece and pre-Christian Rome somehow seem to forget that those empires were based on large-scale enslavement.

So much for Christianity “starting slavery.”  It’s tough to start something that existed a millennia before it existed.

The argument would go something like, “OK you may not have started it, but you perpetuated it and it thrived because of Christianity.”  That argument would also be wrong.
Slavery was mostly eradicated from Western civilization–then called Christendom–between the fourth and the tenth century. The Greco-Roman institution of slavery gave way to serfdom. Now serfdom has its problems but at least the serf is not a “human tool” and cannot be bought and sold like property. So slavery was ended twice in Western civilization, first in the medieval era and then again in the modern era.
Another oops for the academics.
But the Southerners who owned slaves quoted the Bible!  [Insert Foot Stomping Here]  Yes, they did.  So did the North.  The stronger argument against the idea that Christianity perpetuated slavery or brainwashed people against blacks is the conduct of the slaves in the South.
In the American South, Christianity proved to be the solace of the oppressed. As historian Eugene Genovese documents in Roll, Jordan, Roll, when black slaves sought to find dignity during the dark night of slavery, they didn’t turn to Marcus Aurelius or David Hume; they turned to the Bible. When they sought hope and inspiration for liberation, they found it not in Voltaire or D’Holbach but in the Book of Exodus.

The war against slavery was really fought by William Wilberforce in England, on his knees, praying.  The abolitionist movement was dominated by Christians.  In fact, it was their belief that ALL are created equal in the eyes of God that formed the moral foundation of the anti-slavery movement.


  1. Winyan Staz Wakien25 June 2015 at 13:06

    Guess he forgot the history lessons of the Jewish slave masters and their ships....the biggest slavers were the Jews.....

  2. Yup, and why dont we swing past the south east asia and slavery, among Buddists and Hindus, in its various forms and is stil even to day inbedded in their thinking, where swettshops and inhumane working conditions is everywhere.
    Africa, south america, and so on.
    Blacks sold their own.
    Whites sold their own and so on.
    What about the Jews.
    What about the Chines Tiriade.
    The word, where do this idiotic creature belive the woord, shanghaied, have its origin is, where morons, huh........

    Cheep labour, thats the essense of it, some societys had rules on how to behave, both as master and slave, both with rights.
    In India comon rights where used a long time before it come to the west.
    Individual rights isnt new, its been here and there for milleniums.
    Even that isnt something new.

    I am amaze that thins kind of worminfested crapp slipps thrue this days, I am used to some slipperys of data and its interpitations, but this historical survey is totally bonkers, simple trash.


  3. The Jewish Role in the Black Slave Trade (1 of 7) Michael Hoffman II and Dr. Tony Martin http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xky22i_the-jewish-role-in-the-black-slave-trade-1-of-7-michael-hoffman-ii-and-dr-tony-martin_news

  4. The international slave trade in the Western Hemisphere was operated almost entirely by Jews who are not Christians. But most people today are not aware of it because, in addition to controlling the US government though AIPAC and other Marxist front-groups, Jews own or control practically all branches of the MSM both written and verbal, as well as Hollywood and most other forms of public information and entertainment.

  5. Hmmm

    Just to explicitly state would is discussed in the comments below; Obviously If Christianity were actually to blame, there would not have been such a huge percentage of the slave trade conducted and controlled by Jews. In actuality the facts support the contention that the Jewish trades exploited Christianity to further expand and profit from the slave trade.

  6. Slavery was instituted in the Old Testament and therefore has nothing to do with Christianity which is what the New Testament is all about; getting rid of the old laws and bringing in a new set of rules based upon love of God and one's neighbor.
    "Major University" = Zionist stronghold trying to pass the buck.

  7. Slave markets, world-wide were normally closed on Jewish holidays. Which adds further proof (If any is needed) that Jews were the primary the slave traders, both wholesale and retail. Newport, Rhode Island, the home-port of many slave ships and their Jewish owners, remains today the home of a great many wealthy Jewish families who derived their wealth from the African slave trade. While Southern plantation owners were using slaves to derive relatively modest profits from their labor, Jews made obscenely large profits by importing and selling the slaves.

  8. Jct: Slavery is the result of usury, impossible-to-pay debt bondage at the root, not Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddism, any religion.

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