22 Jun 2015

Jim'll Paint It Is Taking The Internet By Storm (17 pics)

Jim is an artist that's willing to paint anything. He takes crazy requests from people on the Internet and turns their wildest dreams into awesome looking paintings. If you can dream it up, Jim'll paint it.

In tribute to Christopher Lee can you draw Death handing over his scythe with Lee taking his place?

Please paint me Charlie Sheen winning
Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People
System of a Downton Abbey

please paint me The Alien Queen, back off maternity leave and bollocking everyone for not using Dropbox properly.

Please can you paint for me the beautiful moment when Voldemort finally finds a Coke bottle with his name on it.

Please paint me Steven Seagal, Jeremy Kyle and Slipknot on an 18-30s holiday in Weston-Super-Mare. Kyle is pissed at Slipknot for using all the semi-skimmed milk but Seagal steps in and offers his Almond Milk as an alternative. There happens to be a Lilliput Lane Pottery Collectors convention taking place on the beach as well.
Please paint me Wolf from Gladiators exiting one of the telepods from the 1986 movie The Fly. He has accidentally entered the telepod holding his old school Nokia 3210 and has emerged a half man/half mobile phone mutant.

Please paint me the T-Rex attack scene from Jurassic Park, but the T-Rex is the band T-Rex.

David Mitchell’s garden centre rampage

Could you paint a depressed, alcoholic horse losing his sh*t and thumping the barman for making a crack about his long face?
Jeremy Clarkson getting fired from his new job as a McDonalds trainee.

Can you please paint Jeff Goldblum in his classic Jurassic Park pose – open shirt, breathing heavily, with beads of sweat dripping down his chest – while Barney the Dinosaur stands behind him giving him a massage, looking a little bit rapey.
please paint an episode of Fawlty Towers in zero gravity.

Could you draw Columbo playing a Sega Game Gear while a drunken Magnum PI cuddles his knee please?

My mate Andy is convinced he is being stalked by Terry Wogan. Can you please paint what it’s like to be stalked by Terry Wogan?


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