25 Jun 2015

Got Guns? You’re Going to Hell Says Pope Francis

The Pope is supposed to be the authority on things like Heaven & Hell. Supposed to be. In a rambling speech in Turin, Italy he wandered away from his prepared remarks to drop a bomb on all those Teabaggers who are clinging to their Bibles and their guns.
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Here’s the meat of what Francis had to say:
[People] who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn’t it?” The crowd applauded and he went on to criticize those who invest in weapons industries, saying, “Duplicity is the currency of today … they say one thing and do another.”

“Invest in weapons industries.” Our family has a modest investment in weapons industries, we’ve invested by purchasing their products. We are thankful for the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution that guarantees our right to purchase, own, train with, and carry our firearms.

We also happen to be Evangelical Christians who are thankful for the Bible. God’s book is very clear on one matter. What makes one a Christian. There’s nothing about gun ownership barring anyone from the Kingdom of Heaven.
As a matter of fact, Jesus told the disciples, recorded in Luke 22:35-36 (NCV)
Then Jesus said to the apostles, “When I sent you out without a purse, a bag, or sandals, did you need anything?”
They said, “No.”
He said to them, “But now if you have a purse or a bag, carry that with you. If you don’t have a sword, sell your coat and buy one.

Looks to me like the Lord was admonishing his followers to be able to protect themselves from those who would do them harm.

And, as for duplicity, we’d suggest Francis change his name to Pope Duplicitous.
He has the audacity to attack firearms and the people who manufacture and own them while standing silent about a holocaust that’s been going on for decades. I’m talking about the wanton murder of the unborn.
The Catholic Church says they’re “pro-life” and have doctrinally stood against all abortion forever. Their actions speak volumes on this issue, and their actions are so loud I can’t hear what they’re saying.
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The Church talks about being pro-life, but their lack of will to discipline those who claim to be adherents to the Catholic Church. Like every Democratic politician in the US.

We’ll pick on Nancy Pelosi simply because she’s an easy target. Pelosi has not only said there is nothing morally wrong with abortion, she’s made a career out of actively supporting and funding the organization that is the number one mass murderer in the US, Planned Parenthood.

If the Church was serious about standing for life, especially the life of the unborn, they’d take action against the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who, in addition to her support for the murder of the unborn, has lectured the US Bishops on how opposition to abortion has never been a central moral tenet of the Church.
So, Pope Duplicitous, get your act together, have a serious conversation about what the Church as taught since before you were an altar boy. Then we can have a conversation about the US Constitution.


  1. If you lean in real close and take a peek, you can just make out the 729 bar code stamped on the Pope's little white cap.

  2. oddly enough, the Vatican owns a controlling interest in Beretta Arms.

  3. Nancy Pelosi is a j EW. A Marrano or crypto. It's why there was an inquisition. J EWs that were thought to be Christian but secretly kept Talmud by night Her family is from Argentina her husband Paul is also a crypto and is in finance. This evangelical hasn't met a war he didn't like and most are generated by that one craphole country in the middle east. The same people God divorced for their wicked wAys and killing Christ. I agree with the Pope on this. Owning guns is fine. Profiting from them is evil if it directly involved.

  4. The Vatican bank is and has been controlled by j ews since the 1820s via Rothschild and Napoleon.

  5. Will the author discuss the conversation given by NARAL director Dr Bernard Nathanson (author: Confessions Of An X Abortionst), on HOW the J EWs duped Protestants into an alliance against the hated Catholic Church to pass Roe V Wade in 1973?
    50 million babies killed in the multi billion dollar planned parenthood baby parts business. It is only IN Catholic nations that children in the womb are still protected-Crotia, Poland, Chile, Argentina et al. While In Judaized, freemasonic Protestant led nations, babies are free to be disposed of.
    We tried, You didnt listen. You made your bed, dear Protestant author. You want excommunication for crypto J EWs like Pelosi? Im fine with that, but dont you dare blame the Baby holocaust on us..

  6. It's not the Jews it's the Jesuits! all controlled by this fellow:::"The Black Pope is the ‘President of the World"
    He is the most powerful man on Earth, who rule over Maritime Laws (business) . He controls the banking system, Freemasonry and the Secret Services (CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, Scotland Yard, Mossad, CSIS, DGSE, FSB). The Vatican owns 60% of all Israel lands and the Land of the Temple Mount for their Third Solomon’s Temple where they want their throneHe is a part of the Arcana Arcanorum controlled by the Papal Bloodlines within the I-Mori. These bloodlines are the omega point of control. These are the Farnese, ORSINI, Aldobrandini, Somaglia & Breakspear. Their war room command center is within the Borgo Santo Spirito which is missile protected! Viktor Emmanuelle IV wanted to nuke this region of Rome. Henry Breakspear and Pepe Orsini are in high control! Jesuit Assistancy Soldier, James Grummer controls the United States Corporation.

  7. So let me get this straight. Guns=hell, and sodomy=salvation? Is that what he's trying to say?

  8. Total nonsense. The first Jesuits were j EWs. The idiot that promotes this Jesuit hoax and control is Eric phelps. He is vp of a diamond trading company and is married to a jewess. He was destroyed in a debate with Michael Collins piper

  9. Pre Vatican 2 the church promoted the death penalty for sodomites. Of course you and yours ie hypocrites would say then that this was too drastic

  10. Owning a firearm and making billions in the trafficking of arms are 2 different animals. It's akin to the military industrial complex. I think that is the message. Stop glorifying wars which only benefit j ews

  11. TPTB are getting nervous about their agenda so now it's time to get the Pope involved. Maybe he should explain how the Vatican bank is the main shareholder in Pietro Beretta Arms. Phucking hypocrites wonder why their religious hold over the people has fallen apart. You have to be blind not to see that religion and politics are 2 sides of the same damn coin. Dominance over the human race is their only concern.