15 Jun 2015

Bernie Sanders Is Building an Army to Take D.C.

Bernie Sanders is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. That’s why he's running for president. He’s filled with righteous anger about a lot of things, and lots of people agree with him. Close to a thousand people turned out to see him in New Hampshire; 750 in Iowa, one of the largest crowds for any of the candidates. He’s “bulking up” now in terms of his campaign staff and he’s doing pretty well fundraising, too: With 200,000 contributors at 40 bucks a piece, that's $8 million dollars.
“We’re going to be outspent, but it doesn’t matter,” he says. “We can run the kind of campaign I want.” His kind of campaign is about the big challenges facing the country, income inequality, climate change, the unaffordability of college, a disappearing middle class. He speaks about these issues with an ever present edge of outrage, what he calls “from my heart,” that lets you know he’s not just spouting briefing papers, these are his causes.
The reception he's gotten in the four or five weeks since he announced his candidacy has persuaded him that maybe the country's disgust with politics as usual has created an opening for somebody like him, a 73-year-old self-described "democratic socialist" who calls out the excesses of Wall Street and stands up for working families. "It is not a radical agenda," he told reporters at a breakfast organized by The Christian Science Monitor.
He wants to expand Social Security, move away from Obamacare to Medicare for all, and make tuition free at public universities. He would pay for these expanded benefits with a tax on Wall Street speculative trading, and he would end the loopholes that allow corporations to store their profits tax-free offshore. He doesn't expect support from the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, or Wall Street, he says with delight, treating their opposition like a badge of honor.
There's nothing wrong with running to get your ideas heard, he says, but he insists he's in the race to win, however improbable that is given Hillary Clinton's big lead, and his own marginal status as a national candidate given his age and leftist politics. Asked what Clinton's biggest vulnerability is in a debate setting, he says, "I like Hillary Clinton, I respect Hillary Clinton, I disagree with Hillary Clinton...We don't have to make these campaigns personal, but we do have to discuss these issues." 
He wants to know what "the Secretary" thinks about the Keystone pipeline. He led the fight against it and believes climate change is a "planetary crisis." Where is she on the trade debate roiling the Congress? Asked if Clinton's vote for the Iraq war should disqualify her from the presidency, he said no, that he didn't intend to bring up that years-ago vote. (Someone else will.)
Listening to Sanders is like going back to the future. He is introducing legislation that would guarantee workers 10 days of vacation. These are the kinds of victories that labor unions won decades ago, but that are under assault in a Wall Street-driven economy. Sanders recalled American workers a century ago held up placards that said, "Give us a 40-hour week." Today, he says, millions of Americans don't have that guarantee because they're working two, three, four jobs to get by.
Asked what his first executive order would be as president, he was stumped, admitting he hadn't thought about that yet. He used the question to segue into the impact of big money on everything that goes on in Washington, and the reality that no one person can make the changes that he is advocating for. "I have a lot of respect and admiration for Barack Obama," he said, but the "biggest mistake" he made after running "one of the great campaigns in American history" was saying to the legions of people who supported him, "Thank you very much for electing me, I'll take it from here."
"I will not make that mistake," Sanders said, making a pitch for a mobilized grassroots movement that every candidate dreams of and that in '08 Obama came closest to achieving. The Obama movement faltered amidst legal issues once he was in the White House, and in '12 became Organizing for America, primarily a vehicle for fundraising and a shadow of what it once was.  Sanders sounds like the political science major he was in college, explaining that the free tuition in public universities he seeks will not happen if it comes down to President Sanders negotiating with Republican leader Mitch McConnell.  "It will happen,”he says, “if a million young people are marching on Washington."


  1. An exclamation point on just how desperate people are for anyone but Carny Clintons and Shrub Bush's.

  2. I don't agree with him on all the issues but WOW - HE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN bush or clinton. I can't even believe those two are running! Hillary should be in prison, at least. It's a nightmare of a bad joke. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR WALL ST. It's not about your party, it's about what's good for AMERICA!

  3. Seeking a strong candidate who actually might have the American people's best interests in mind is desperate?

  4. Haha! You're joking, right?

  5. Sanders right now looks like the best of all the evil's, even with his misguided
    climate change (global warming) poppycock stance, but as we all know (or should by now) the politicos always talk the talk but when it comes time to ante up? well you know what happens... If he is the only choice between the bushies and clittins
    then I may vote for him, but I will not be surprised if he doesn't live up to it....in which case it will be high time to drop the heads in a basket.

  6. Climate Change, OK...but let us not forget the 'Elephant in the Room', Geoengineering, Chemical Trails in the Sky...this is a big factor in the changes in the weather....no one will talk about this...Mr. Sanders will make a big mistake if he doesn't address this issue of 'Climate Change' and all the factors involved.

  7. Did he call out Israel and Zionism?

    Politics has always been run by Jews. Right now the AIPAC owns Washington. You can't even be a president if you don't go to Israel.

    But I would love to see him cause some chaos among the Elders of Zion.
    Climate Change...I can't see him mentioning Chem trails or HAARP.
    Or Call out Kagan's Group with Monsanto.
    Is he fighting against Agenda 21?
    Is he talking about 9/11

    Issues ...Federal Reserve is owned by Jews, Security is owned by Jews, Military is owned by Jews. Welcome to America a Third World Country Owned by Jews.
    EPA, FDA, Medical Industry all corrupt, owned by Big Corps that only care about there expanding empire.

  8. Politicians are renowned liars. Don't believe everything.

  9. This is Bernie a year ago

    ▶ These are the FACTS - YouTube

  10. Bernie's army will be staffed from top to bottom with "usual suspects"
    THAT I do have faith in..

  11. All his votes are pro israel and I won't consider anyone that puts israel first.