12 May 2015

Younger Americans have a much better view of socialism, and worse view of capitalism, than their elders

Younger Americans have a much better view of socialism, and worse view of capitalism, than their elders

Bernie Sanders, a Senator for Vermont and currently the only declared challenger to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, is the only member of Congress to describe himself as a socialist. For much of the Cold War socialism evoked images of military parades in Moscow's Red Square, but for Sanders, and many of America's self-declared socialists, their aim isn't to bring revolution to America but to make America more like Sweden and Norway. 
YouGov's latest research shows that when Americans are asked whether they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of socialism and capitalism, capitalism comes out on top. 52% of Americans have a favorable view of capitalism, while only 26% have a favorable view of socialism. Among younger Americans, however, attitudes are a lot more divided. 36% of under-30s have a positive view of socialism, while 39% have a positive view of capitalism. Among over-65s, who came of age at the height of the Cold War, only 15% look upon socialism favorably while 59% have a like capitalism. 
Democrats (43%) are also much more likely than either independents (22%) or Republicans (9%) to have a favorable view of socialism. Democrats, in fact, are as likely to have a favorable view of capitalism (43%) as socialism. While only 9% of Republicans see socialism in a positive light, 79% have a good view of capitalism. 


Respondents were presented with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, in which he stated that "all life is interrelated, and all men are interdependent." Overall, Americans tend to agree with this and the idea that helping the poor also improves the life of the rich, with 41% agreeing and 26% disagreeing. Most Democrats (57%) and many independents (40%) agree, but Republicans tend to disagree (42%) rather than agree (21%) with the statement. 
Asked about two other quotes, 31% of Americans agreed with Winston Churchill that "socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy" whilst 34% agreed with Mikhail Gorbachev that "Jesus was the first socialist, the first to seek a better life for mankind".


  1. "Helping the poor" is not the correct way to put it. Does it help the poor to build roads? Libraries? Universities? Provide firemen and paramedics? No more than it helps the rich. Pooling our resources for the common good is the basis of socialism. Presently, our resources are being diverted to help corporations, and then we are told there is no money for anything we need. But I can see it right there, in that $4.1 billion plan you used our money to pay Boeing to build. Give it back!

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    Socialism, Communism, Feminism, Fascism, Bolshevism!

    Socialism was the term used before it got a bad rap and was changed to Communism.
    Now that we've all seen how well Communism worked out, it now has a bad rap, so, it's back to the original name.

    Socialism and Communism are one and the same.
    On the surface they sound great, so the idiot masses accept the system.
    But, the real system is always the same; a Fascist Dictatorship ruling class that lives high and outside the system that steps on the heads of everyone else.

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  3. Since the dawn of man, someone have to manage whatever the group agrees upon.
    Someone have to manage it, implement it, and correct it if gone wrong/fails, aka law enforcment, to follow what sett of constitutional rights all people have.

    And then its created an ruling elite and the rest.
    Call it what you want, but this is how its done, socialism and other -isms are intellectual create perseptions of societys and how its supousedly works.
    Why Yankees associates Norway/Sweden/Finnland/Denmark with "comunism/socialism" beats me, and I regard it as an show of spectaculare level of ignorance.
    Norways soscial system works, of course there are paraits, allways have and allways will be, but not more than other lands have.
    And if there is anyone beliving the syste, was given for free, by the Gov. since they where nice santaclause socialism.
    Norwegian workers have bleed for it, fightet for decades for a more just system
    The last time I know when the Norwegain Gov. was about to use the Military force upon its own people, in Northern Norway, was as late as late 80s, I was there, in the Union, where is boiled down to just hours before the force was about to be used and the Gov, did hide its threats.
    Yea, the litle kingdom of mountain monkeys, whom is 100% ZioNazi/UssA controlled, wouldnt fart if not tould to do so, real spineless creeps.
    Not widely known,
    And then read trully stupid coments about Scandinavia, just confrims the abyss in the level of knowledge, and this is european lands, what about the "knowledge" about other lands and people, in the insanely ignorant UssA.