14 May 2015

This College Student’s Ferocious Confrontation with Jeb Bush Shows What a Tough Week He’s Having

Over the last week, Jeb Bush has gone from flubbing a tough question from Megyn Kelley on the Iraq War to stating he misheard the question to Sean Hannity (while still dodging whether or not we’d go to war in Iraq in hindsight) and then just yesterday, blurting out that he’s “running for president in 2016″ ahead of officially declaring.
The testy exchange between a college student who claims Jeb Bush’s brother, former President George W. Bush, ‘created ISIS,’ is reflective of the grilling the presumptive presidential candidate is likely to face.
The college student’s argument is that Bush policies spawned the terror organization because the post-war mission of ‘winning the peace’ was botched. It is just a warm-up for the kind of charged allegations the GOP hopeful is likely to face.
The absence of a Status of Forces Agreement following “the surge,” and the move by President Obama to withdraw troops, certainly contributed to the Iraq power vacuum filled by ISIS. It is not easy to assign blame, especially considering Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton voted to authorize the War in Iraq.
As CNN points out, the college student in question does not appear to be a Republican primary voter. Jeb Bush will have to face similarly difficult questions of a much-different kind on the campaign trail. But if anything, Bush showed he has the ability to keep his cool while taking fire.


  1. The Bush family shouldn't be allowed within a hundred miles of the white house.

    George H.W. Bush never explained his part in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (look up the Hinkley-Bush family connections).

    Marvin Bush (Jeb's brother) was responsible for "security" at the World Trade center in the lead-up to 9-11.

    George W. Bush presided over the cover-up of what happened on 9-11.

    Jeb Bush declared a crisis in Florida just before 9-11. This put his brother G.W. under extra heavy security when he visited there on the day of the attacks. Jeb has never explained why he did that. There was no "crisis" in Florida that would call for him to do that.

    The Bush family is even more foul than the Clintons, which is probably why Jeb is being groomed to run against Hillary. The people who own the country want us divided. They have racial division now with the racist Obama in office, and they want to shift over into sexual division with Hillary. Keep us plebes fighting amongst ourselves.

    Jettison Bush, jettison Clinton. Ask them questions like this at every available opportunity. Ask Jeb what his family gained from 9-11. Ask Hillary why she kicked old people out of their homes in the Whitewater scandal.

  2. This is a trick question...JEB will take us to war if Rothschild says we go to war.

  3. Herbert Walker Bu$h the CIA agent was in Dallas when JFK was assassinated although he claimed he didn't remember where he was....... who alive in November 1963 and was over 5 years old doesn't remember?

    E. Howard Hunt, also a CIA operative, confessed his own involvement in the JFK assassination to his son, as he, E. Howard Hunt lay dying on his death bed. So the CIA was involved..... and G.H.W. Bu$h did not remember..... same Bu$h that was having dinner with Hinkley's brother when Raygun was shot.

    https://reclaimourrepublic.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/jfk-photo-george-h-w-bush-at-tsbd.jpg http://www.wnd.com/files/2013/09/JFK-photo-GEORGE-H-W-BUSH-at-TSBD-2.jpg