16 May 2015

The Islamic “Invasion” of America Has Already Begun

We have seen a “bending over backwards” strategy by the Obama Administration towards Islam in general and specifically towards Muslims in many countries that have traditionally hated the U.S. 
This is certainly seen in Obama’s recent attempts to “cuddle up” to Iran’s fanatics.

But now, it appears there is an even more insidious effort underway to make America far more “Muslim friendly.” 

Both Conservative Tribune and Breitbart report:
Eight years ago, Ann Corcoran successfully put a halt to State Department efforts to dump thousands of Muslim refugees in her small Maryland town — a Mulsim relocation practice that, according to Corcoran, has quietly taken place within the United States for 35 years.
In a new book that shows regular American citizens like you and me how to do the same thing, she pointed out that mass immigration and relocation across the United States and other Western countries is part of the radical Muslims’ global jihad movement.
“We only need to look to a troubled Europe to see the path ahead for America if we can’t stop this migration and stop it soon,” Corcoran stated.
In 2007, Ann Corcoran successfully stopped the State Department from discreetly unloading Muslim refugees in her hometown in Maryland, and now she has written a book directing other Americans to do the same, warning that the immigration is part of a religious obligation to spread Islam.
“I wanted to know who gave permission for what amounted to the dropping off of needy people in our county seat,” Corcoran explained in a YouTube video.
“We only need to look to a troubled Europe to see the path ahead for America if we can’t stop this migration and stop it soon,” said Corcoran. “There is no reason on earth that we should have brought over 100,000 Somalis and another 100,000 Iraqi Muslims to America. Soon, we will be settling Syria Muslims in large numbers. The UN at the moment has over 10,000 in a pipeline destined for our towns. The FBI told Congress recently they cannot be properly screened.”

islamic immigration 2

This is shocking! 
We are being overrun by a concerted effort by the U.N. and the Obama Administration to fill American communities with hundreds of thousands of Muslim Immigrants. 
We recently reported here about the efforts to bring Islamic immigrants to Idaho. 
And, this is just the beginning according to Conservative Tribune:
This subtle form of Jihad is so important in the Muslim community that it has a name — it’s known to Muslims as “hijra” and Corcoran stated that it’s part of their ultimate plan for “destroying Western civilization from within.”
Breitbart adds further details:
Through her years of research, Corcoran found that Muslim immigration is a form of jihad through colonization called hijra, which she reports dates back to the time of Mohammad. According to Corcoran, the Muslim Brotherhood pursues the hijra strategy.
Corcoran’s sources detail that the migration is actually a religious obligation, in which Muslims are required to spread Islam.
“If you don’t help counter the hijra, we are in my opinion, doomed,” warned Corcoran.
She notes Muammar Qaddafi, the Libyan leader, who said Europe wouldn’t be conquered by guns and swords, but instead by Muslim immigration.
Her research has been endorsed by former Defense Department official – Frank Gaffney as Conservative Tribune reveals:
“Ann Corcoran’s report is required reading for anyone worried about the threat to America from the global jihad movement,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy group.
We need many more people like Ann Corcoran to sound the alarm in this country.  Radical Islam’s creeping influence, now overrunning Europe, is now spreading throughout the U.S.

Our nation has always welcomed immigrants, but we cannot sit back and allow other nations and other ideologies to destroy America from the inside. 
We cannot allow this aspect of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” to bring America to ruin.

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  1. "Iran fanatics"? I don't think so. The most obvious fanaticism I see in the Middle East is being perpetrated by the US and Israel through their support of IS and various branches of Al Quida. Regarding the dumping of Muslim immigrants in the US, you can thank the Lutheran church and other religious resettlement programs. Between the open Mexican border and these resettlement programs, the Euro-American base of this country is being diluted and rendered powerless.