19 May 2015

The Final Struggle of an Army Officer Who Died During 2-Day Jail Sentence: ‘I’m Choking On My Blood’

Sergeant James Brown was an active duty, Iraq war veteran stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. In July 2012, Sgt. Brown would check into the El Paso County Jail to serve a 2-day DWI sentence. But he never returned home.
Image Credit: Screenshot

Now, KFOX14 has obtained graphic footage recorded by a prison guard, which shows Sgt. Brown’s struggle for his life.
Throughout the video, Brown’s harrowing, final words can be heard:
“I can’t breathe…I’m choking on my blood.”
As the clip continues, Brown’s condition noticeably deteriorates to the point that he’s unresponsive.
Image credit: Screenshot

Family attorney B.J. Crow captured the family’s disbelief:
“When a 26-year-old man checks into jail for a court imposed sentence on a Friday, and he leaves Sunday in a casket, something went horribly wrong there.”
While 911 was never called for help, Brown was eventually taken to University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.


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