6 May 2015

Texas Teen Gets Away with Stealing an iPad from a 2-Year-Old…Until His Mom Sees the Security Tape

There appears to be a growing trend of strong-willed mothers who have decided to take control of their children’s actions.
First, “Mother of the Year” Toya Graham made headlines when she corralled her teenage son from participating in the Baltimore riots, following the death of Freddie Gray: 
Graham’s actions prompted a Georgia mother, Chiquita Hill, to call in backup when her 5th grade son was sent home from school for disrespect.
Now, KHOU reports on the most recent example of parents taking control:
“Police have arrested a teenager accused of stealing a 2-year-old’s iPad. The suspect’s mother recognized him in surveillance video and turned him in.”
The robbery happened while the toddler’s mother was carrying clothes to her car from a nearby laundromat. As surveillance footage shows, the suspect pushes the child to the ground, before grabbing his iPad and taking off through the parking lot: 
Houston police investigator Ken Nealy spoke with Click2Houston about the incident:
“I’ve chased a lot of crooks, but this is probably the biggest thug I’ve ever seen. To see some man knock a 2-year-old child to the ground to take an iPad.”
Many area residents appreciate the teen suspect’s parents deciding to speak out – including the victim’s mother:
“‘I asked the officer last night, ‘Tell her thank you. I appreciate it as a mother. I would do it,’ the boy’s mother said.”
Investigators believe the teen is involved with a string of other robberies in the area. You can watch the full surveillance footage of the incident below:


  1. There are millions of such little gits who need a good hiding.

  2. Parenting rediscovered?

  3. Silly woman. Until the politicians clean up their demonic selves and their demonic acts then this woman should not sacrifice her kid on the alter of Mammon.

    this kid will hate her for a long time and blame her for the downward trajectory his life may take. Hope he does not go down that road and he turns his life around, but when he leaves school he will most likely not be able to get a job, yet mass murderers like Bush and Blair go on to make millions for their misdeeds.

    It would be ideal if she had arranged for a few Black men to surround him with a star chamber and then beat the shit out of him.

  4. what's a two yr old doing unattended in a parking lot?