4 May 2015

Terrifying Experiment: How Safe Are Your Kids From Predators?

A terrifying social experiment has tested how easily children can be lured away by strangers.
Do you think your child would willingly leave with a stranger? What if the stranger had a puppy?
Check out the video of the social experiment recorded by Joey Salads below. It shows kids who, even with their parents in sight, were lured away by a stranger with a puppy.
Salad brought his puppy to the playground and asked parents for permission to test their children. The results shocked the parents who never thought their child would take the hand of a stranger and walk off hand-in-hand with him without so much as a second thought.

The video informs us that 700 children are abducted each day. This horrifying fact is emphasized by the video showing just how easy it can be.

The thought is beyond unsettling. Watch the video below and then be sure to have a chat about the dangers posed by strangers to you children.
What do you think about the results of this experiment?

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  1. They already know mate...We were taught this at school but the girls went away with blokes for a bag of sweets.