4 May 2015

Reporter Stops Interview When Baltimore Teen Says He ‘Earns’ Stuff by STEALING IT

This interview is incredible and perfectly illustrates the entitlement mindset and thug culture so prevalent in today’s inner city youth. 

The CNN reporter Nick Valencia tries to get the kid he’s interviewing to explain “what it’s really like” to live in Baltimore. At first the kid says it’s hard to “earn” anything. Then he explains what it means to “earn something” in Baltimore.

Watch the whole sordid thing:
After the kid explains that the way he “earns” is to steal the CNN reporter turns away quickly and starts talking about a “message of positivity.”

Yeah, right, because stealing stuff is very positive and a good career path for young people in Baltimore.

1 comment:

  1. Well, there you have it. If you want it steal it. They've learned well from the ziobanksters. And they haven't a clue about what could happen to them when they leave their little inner city cocoon to ply their "trade".