16 May 2015

New Fox News Poll Finds That a Surprising Number of People Believe Terrorists Live Near Them

A “record high” percentage of people believe that there are terrorists living in the U.S. and nearby them, according to a new Fox News poll.
The poll found that, of the 1,006 people asked, 29% percent of respondents believed it to be “very likely” that terrorists are living in the United States.
According to Fox News, those who are part of that 29% are more likely to be older, Republican, and live in the South:
“Voters who are part of the Tea Party movement (69 percent), those ages 55 and over (67 percent), independents (65 percent) and Southerners (63 percent) are among those most convinced terrorists are living nearby.”
These results come after ISIS recently claimed that it has 71 trained fighters in 15 U.S. states, ready to carry out jihad when called upon.
Last month, Judicial Watch also reported that ISIS is operating a camp just south of El Paso, Texas.
When it comes to combatting terrorists stateside, the poll found that 65% of respondents feel that U.S. intelligence efforts will be able to successfully thwart future domestic attacks, while 33% said they are not confident in intelligence gathering efforts.


  1. I see cops on a daily basis. I know they can't live too far.

  2. of course they do, america terror torture psychotic lying scum killer inc lives near you fools its your own government unleashing terror on you, what a fucking joke on stupid people

  3. One of the examples given in the now-classic book _Manufacturing Consent_ was a politician who wanted to base part of his campaign on Drug War hysteria but a poll showed that drugs were far down the list of concerns for most people. So in the next few weeks the MSM did wall-to-wall coverage of the "drug problem" and voila! poll numbers shot up of people who thought drugs were a big problem and the candidate was handed his campaign issue on a silver platter. I think the euphemism for this now is "perception management", but the image that comes to mind is of a sheepdog deftly working the flanks of a herd to keep them headed where the master wants them to go.

  4. Some peoples ya has to lets 'em die stupid...

  5. Pontious Pirate16 May 2015 at 22:30

    America land of the freak home of the slave a nation of terrified kittens! ISIS is coming The RUSSIANS are coming The Cops are coming boo hoo Jade Helm is coming. Will you yanks every get off your knees?

  6. Stop Bush and Killary17 May 2015 at 07:23

    I don't believe in the terrorist scare for a second... But that said, the 29% are right, there are indeed most definitely terrorists living in the United States.
    One lives in Crawford TX, one lives 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C., and 2 more, known by the codenames "Hitlery" and "Jeb", are currently traveling the country in an attempt to recruit more people to their cause.

  7. It's absolutely true: they are aka "Dual Citizens" and they have purchased the US Congress and White House.