29 May 2015

Minimum wage workers continue to be used as pathetic pawns

As the union-organized astroturfing ‘Fight for 15’ continues across the country, more and more examples of people who feel entitled are coming out of the woodwork.
Of course, no one forces anyone to work at a minimum wage job. The majority of people who do are typically students and/or married and work part-time to supplement a full-time income.
Minimum wage jobs are ‘beginner jobs’. They are typically low-skilled jobs that are a stepping stone as you work your way up in life to bigger and better things unless, as stated above, just to supplement income.
The Daily Mail UK posted a story about fast food workers across the U.S. who posted photos of how they live and expect people to feel sorry for them.
From the Daily Mail UK:
As fast-food workers across the United States fight for higher wages, one labor organization has created an exhibit to show the daily lives of the average employee at these restaurants.

The photographic exhibit titled ‘I, Too, Am America’, labor group Stand Up KC helps promote the fight for higher wages by showing how these workers live.
In collaboration with photojournalist Steve Hebert and using their own cellphone cameras, fast-food employees voluntarily shot more than 4,000 photos of their life at work and home, as well as at various strikes and demonstrations.
The photos show the long hours and financial hardships that these workers face, as well as the lighter parts of life, including birthday celebrations and spending time with family.
The photos were taken by their respective owners. You can see all of them in the Daily Mail article.
The first is Zoe. Zoe is probably a very nice woman but at 32 years old she’s had at least 14 years to either learn some better skills or get an education. Since she didn’t do either of those things, she somehow feels that she’s entitled to be paid more because apparently she can only get a minimum wage job.

The next is Dallas Winters. This one is just a bit bizarre. Is she claiming that holding a minimum wage job also turns a person into a slob?

Then there is Melinda Robinson. She shows a picture of her adorable kids – all 5 of them. Why did you have 5 children if you can’t get more than a minimum wage job? WHY?
There are other photos in the story but it’s the same across the board. People made these choices. No one is forcing them to hold a minimum wage job. It is entirely up to individuals to seek better skills so they can be paid more than minimum wage.
Wages are not an entitlement. They are payment from an employer to an employee for a service rendered. Both employer and employee agree to their wages upon hiring. Neither is being forced to have a contract with the other.
If an employee doesn’t like their pay rate, they are free to find employment elsewhere.

It is not up to the government to mandate wages but Democrats never seem to understand this and the unions who have organized ‘Fight for 15’ haven’t quite explained to the poor workers they are using as pawns that raising the minimum wage could indeed cost them their jobs.

Nor has the union apparently told these workers they already have the right to unionize. Unions are only pushing this because they hope to suck more money out of more unionized members. These fast-food workers don’t get that either.
Democrats would prefer these people believe that government can help them rather than these individuals helping themselves. And the cycle of stupid continues.


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