10 May 2015

Judge: Gov’t Does Not Need to Compensate You if It Destroys Your Property

From Houston, we have a tale that really exemplifies what is wrong with this country. The government borrowed this man’s truck, returned it months later full of bullets and blood, endangered his business and his family, then refused to compensate him a dime!

The Houston Chronicle reports:
Back in November 2011, a DEA task force was supposed to be watching truck driver Chapa from the ground and the air as he delivered a load of marijuana fresh from the Rio Grande Valley to Houston. The plan was for Chapa to take them to where the load was to be delivered and arrest cartel members there.

But as the truck entered northwest Houston under the watch of approximately two dozen law enforcement officers, several heavily armed Los Zetas cartel-connected soldiers in sport utility vehicles converged on Patty’s truck.
In the ensuing firefight, Patty’s truck was wrecked and riddled with bullet holes, and a plainclothes Houston police officer shot and wounded a plainclothes Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was mistaken for a gangster.
The truck’s driver was killed and four attackers were arrested and charged with capital murder.
Patty’s truck was impounded and later released to him, but was out of service for months. The DEA refused to pay for the damages, as did Patty’s insurance company, which ruled that the truck had been used in a criminal act, and therefore the damages weren’t covered.

Patty had argued that he and his family lived through extreme emotional distress after fears that the cartel would come after them for some perception they had been complicit with police.
He also said that losing the truck for nearly 90 days after it had been damaged nearly crippled his business, which only had two trucks at the time.
So not only did the feds refuse to compensate him after they destroyed his property, but his insurance refused to cover the damage because it was involved in a criminal act.
Goes to show, when it comes to helping the government, no good deed goes unpunished!


  1. Guillotine_ready10 May 2015 at 11:48

    As huge as the goobermint is, we outnumber it greatly, we have it out manned, outgunned and certainly out smarted.
    Why do we tolerate it. I believe in intolerance when it is the proper response. In this case tolerance is defeatist. Allowing one more instance is infantile. Not bringing consequences for these actions is the same as asking for it to happen more.

  2. Donald Shawver10 May 2015 at 15:05

    The Government is corrupt, Judges are evil, the Police are criminals, most of the sheep of America are asleep, this is the same way it was before the American Revolution. War is on the horizon, that's good news. These jack boot thugs above, hate Liberty and Freedom. It took blood to win the Constitution, it will take blood to win it back.

  3. Jerry Hamilton11 May 2015 at 07:53

    No, they have a heavily militarized police force and a massive army.
    They seem quite happy to kill civilians.
    You don't have much choice in the matter.

  4. Guillotine_ready11 May 2015 at 11:12

    Too bad you think that way. It must suck to live life on your knees

  5. "it is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees." - Emiliano Zapata