29 May 2015

Insanity: Now Baltimore Wants YOU to Pay for Their Riots

Who should pay for the damages incurred during the Baltimore riots? Well, if the city has anything to say about it, you will.
A preliminary cost analyst of the riots was conducted by the city of Baltimore, arriving at a figure of $20 million in cost to the city. But the city isn’t too worried, because they’re planning on sending the bill to the federal government.
Henry J. Raymond, Baltimore’s finance director, is hopeful that the city can recover up to 75% of the expenses from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“The city remains on strong financial footing,” Raymond said. “Hopefully, with the FEMA reimbursement, it will reduce the financial stress that we’re under. In terms of the city’s overall revenue structure, we’re on firm footing and we’ll move forward.”

And $20 million is just scratching the surface. Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan and Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have both already requested federal aid. Meanwhile, Rawlings-Blake has been encouraging local business owners to seek aid from the U.S. Small Business Administration.
It should be noted this is the same person who ordered police to stand down while the city was looted and burned. It should also be noted that this city has had federal funds poured into prior to the riots.

So where is the line? At what point does Baltimore have to shoulder responsibility for itself?

While FEMA does exist to provide relief during disasters and national emergencies, letting people burn and pillage your city, in my opinion, should not qualify.
But the city of Baltimore will retain “financial footing” as federal taxpayers shoulder the burden.

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  1. soooooooh tired of these stone aged parasites.