2 May 2015

Dead Zones Without Marine Life Found in the Atlantic Ocean for the First Time

In an alarming discovery, marine biologists said they've confirmed the existence of "dead zones" in the open ocean for the first time. 
Dead zones are areas where deep water is so lacking in dissolved oxygen that marine creatures can't survive. 

Dead zones are normally found along inhabited coastal areas, with many located off the eastern and southern coasts of the United States and the Baltic Sea. Most of these coastal dead zones are caused by fertilizer run-offs and man-made pollution that trigger massive algal blooms.
German and Canadian researchers discovered the first deep ocean dead zones less than 100 kilometers from the Cape Verde archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean off West Africa in huge whirlpools moving along the Atlantic.
They said the slowly moving whirlpools could trigger massive fish kills and economic ruin among Western African countries.

"It is not unlikely that an open-ocean dead zone will hit the (Cape Verde) islands at some point," said Dr. Johannes Karstensen of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and lead author of the study published in the journal, Biogeosciences.
Dr. Karstensen explained the dead zones are located inside ocean whirlpools or spinning cylinders of ocean and has a size of 150 kilometers across and several hundred meters deep.
The whirlpool or eddy was formed when a current along the West African coast became unstable and was pushed slowly westward by the Earth's rotation, said Weather.com.
Dr. Karstensen said oxygen concentrations in the dead zone are up to 20 times lower than the previously recorded minimums in the North Atlantic, making the areas uninhabitable to all marine life other than a few microorganisms.
Coastal dead zones are formed when bacteria consume the oxygen as they eat dead algae sinking towards the sea floor. Dr Karstensen said the deep ocean zones appear to be operating in a similar manner.

Read more: http://en.yibada.com/articles/30562/20150502/dead-zones-without-marine-life-found-atlantic-ocean-first-time.htm


  1. When the seas die, we will. It might take a few years for people to even realize what's happening, but life on this world developed from and around ocean life. So sad..we could have had a veritable paradise here had greed and hubris not taken control.

  2. This is just one sign of many showing us that the planet can only take so much before it reacts. The reaction is simple, shake off the parasites by shutting down and eventually starving them out, insects will rule earth in less than 100 years, as man's greed shall not stop until all resources are depleted, polluted and pillaged,

  3. twinkiedooter3 May 2015 at 12:55

    The earth is dying fast and humans are busy watching ESPN and rooting for their favorite football team. When there is no water or food I wonder if humanity will ever wake up....probably not. How about a nice cup of Roundup anyone? or radiation soup?