26 May 2015

American Companies “Shaken Down” By the Clintons

Even though most people may be sick of hearing more and more about how corrupt the Clintons are and how much money they have extorted from just about everyone, still the shoes keep on dropping as the investigations continue.
As expected, many major U.S. companies are also on the “pay-to-play” list.  Herman Cain reports:
Not news: Hillary Clinton is corrupt, to the point where she shamelessly shakes down corporations for cash in advance of their lobbying her for all kinds of favors in the event she is ever in a position to grant them.

News: The liberal propaganda site Vox, which presumes to “explain the news to you,” has a problem with this. At least writer Jonathan Allen does, and he surprisingly offers one of the most damning works I’ve seen of just how dirty Hillary is. It starts with a recounting of the money she personally raked in from Corning after pushing through a trade deal the gigantic glass corporation favored. But that’s just the start:
Corning’s in good company in padding the Clinton family bank account after lobbying the State Department and donating to the foundation. Qualcomm and salesforce.com did that, too. Irwin Jacobs, a founder of Qualcomm, and Marc Benioff, a founder of salesforce.com, also cut $25,000 checks to the now-defunct Ready for Hillary SuperPAC. Hillary Clinton spoke to their companies on the same day, October 14, 2014. She collected more than half a million dollars from them that day, adding to the $225,500 salesforce.com had paid her to speak eight months earlier.
And Microsoft, the American Institute of Architects, AT&T, SAP America, Oracle and Telefonica all paid Bill Clinton six-figure sums to speak as Hillary Clinton laid the groundwork for her presidential campaign.
And that list, which includes Clinton Foundation donors, is hardly the end of it. There’s a solid set of companies and associations that had nothing to do with the foundation but lobbied State while Clinton was there and then paid for her to speak to them. Xerox, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, in addition to Corning, all lobbied Clinton’s department on trade matters and then invited her to earn an easy check.
Again, this hardly surprising, but it does bear reporting.  People doing business with these companies need to know that a portion of the money they are spending is finding its way into Bill And Hillary’s pockets.


Herman Cain offers further analysis:
It’s important to realize that the Clintons have two ways of shaking down their benefactors for money. One is to get them to donate to the Clinton Slush Fund, er, oh, sorry, Foundation. But the other is a lot more straightfoward and totally shameless: They pay Bill or Hillary upwards of half a million dollars to come and give a speech, and we’re not talking about a Foundation donation here. We’re talking about money paid directly and personally to the Clintons.

Once Hillary released her personal financial statement toward the end of last week, as is required of all announced presidential candidates, there was no hiding any of this. The Clintons have made more than $25 million since the beginning of last year, mostly by making speeches to corporations and organizations who hope to gain their favor in the event Hillary becomes president. And as we’ve said here before, we at HermanCain.com celebrate wealth, and we have no problem with the Clintons being wealthy. We do, however, have a problem with the Clintons selling influence in advance of Hillary’s pursuit of the presidency – which is exactly what she and Bill have been doing.


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