6 May 2015

A Disabled Veteran Receives a Letter From the VA that Contains a Mindblowingly False Claim

A disabled Army veteran, Robert Pressley, got the shock of his life when he checked the mailbox recently.
It contained letters from the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs – but they were addressed to his ex-wife. And they contained checks for his funeral. Obviously, Pressley is still alive: 
One would hope that it’s just a matter of calling the appropriate department and getting the error fixed, but Pressley told WECT-TV that it’s not that easy.
All of his benefits – disability payment, VA healthcare, and other healthcare – have been shut off:
“Gentleman have to wait one, two, three years to get their benefits back,” he said. “I don’t have that time span.”
He told WWAY-TV that he’s contacted the VA multiple times to resolve the situation and has been unsuccessful. The news outlet also contacted them to no avail.
Pressley’s family is in a financial bind without his benefits. He told WWAY-TV:
“This is is my only income, you know?” he said. “I depend on this, and without this, I can do the best I can. You know it’s either that or I start selling everything I own just to make sure I meet my ends. That’s the only other thing I can do.”
And it turns out that he’s not alone. Last year, the same thing happened to an 81-year-old Army veteran whose livelihood depended on disability compensation due to an injury he suffered during his service.
As he waits, the unknown unnerves him:
“I mean what do I do?” Pressley questioned. “I am not getting any answers, I am not getting any help, I am scared.”
And after he proves to the VA that he is alive, he’ll have to tell them, for the thirdtime, that he is divorced.


  1. Another example of government efficiency and concern for veterans health and well being. We're just numbers in computers.

  2. Justin Thought6 May 2015 at 15:03

    Great job, VA!

    So what's going to happen when you Obamacare people go into the hospital with a life-threatening problem, only to be told at the desk, "Sorry, we can't help you. You're dead. Says so right here."

    Get the government OUT OF MY MEDICAL RECORDS!