9 Apr 2015

White House Reporters Finally Decide They’ve Had ENOUGH!

Almost 7 years into the Obama Administration and White House reporters are finally complaining about Obama’s lack of access.
It’s apparently taken them a year to compile a list of ‘demands’ they are seeking from the White House.
Seriously, they wait until NOW to complain about what many have been complaining about since year number ONE?
The White House Correspondents’ Association, the organization that represents hundreds of reporters who cover the presidency, is crafting an extensive list of press freedom rules that it wants the White House to adhere to — following an incident in which President Obama kept reporters out of a meeting with Mormon leaders.
“The principle of the full [White House press] pool is so important to us that we’re working to address it in a set of written practices we’d like this and future administrations to follow,” Association President Christi Parsons said in a statement to the Washington Examiner media desk. “We’ve been working on that document for almost a year now and will have more to say about it when we release it later this spring.”
The Association has often been at odds with the Obama administration, which has been accused by many high-profile journalists of squelching press freedoms.
How many of these same reporters have continually sugar-coated stories from the White House?

How many of these same reporters have consistently turned their heads rather than ask hard-hitting questions that Americans deserve to know the answers to?
This is why the main stream media is no longer the ‘go to’ news source for millions of Americans.

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  1. Their JOB was to inform the Public about this Affirmative Action Party Planner from before he even was nominated.I could not care less if he had them all shipped to Guantanamo ........actually that would be doing America a favor.