13 Apr 2015

The Girl Who Hunts Poachers in Africa (24 pics)

Kinessa Johnson is a war veteran who served in Afghanistan for four years before joining VETPAW (Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife) recently in an effort to save endangered wild animals. Kinessa trains park rangers in marksmanship, field medicine and counter-intelligence so that they can track animal poachers and detain them. Although the team does not aim to kill anyone caught poaching they are allowed to shoot if they feel threatened. VETPAW was started by retired Marine Ryan Tate and 9/11 veterans serve as volunteers.


  1. Nice girl. The best thing about her, is what she's doing. If things continue as they are, Africa will have no wildlife left.

  2. so how many has she bagged? oh, none you say? then why the fuck are you profiling this?

    kindof a loser if you ask me. you dont advertise that you kill people, you just stfu and do it, and dont ask for recognition.

    just plain stupid.

  3. druid g is a loser16 April 2015 at 08:17

    LOL. Who are you talking to? She has caught 43 poachers. Nothing is mentioned about kills, but you obviously didn't read the article because you're scared of a strong woman who could wreck you. I guess your neckbeard and fedora are blocking your comprehension. The only stupid one here is you.

  4. Good I like mayo on my sammich.

  5. yah obviously i am scared. so obvious.

    i just dont like liars. she is an anti-poaching advisor, not a hunter.
    shes also a young girl with barely any experience.