4 Apr 2015

The Floating McDonalds Also Known As The McBarge

Back in 1986, there was a well known expo in Vancouver known as the Vancouver Expo otherwise known as the World Expo. A huge, world-wide fair, with the theme of “World Exposition on Transportation and Communication”. The fair started in May and went until October of that year featuring different booths and pavilions representing 54 different nations and thousands of corporations. Each innovative pavilion was designed by a specific company and they all had a unique flare to them. One of the most unique places, one that truly stood out among the rest in the fair, was what the McBarge, a floating McDonalds! 30 years ago, this floating restaurant was the talk of the crowd and thousands of people came from all over to visit the unique McDonalds. Crowds lined up outside to be able to experience luxury and fast food on the water. McDonalds was ambitious to say the least and luxury and innovation were the main goals that the fast food chain was trying to portray.


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