7 Apr 2015

Police in Thailand forced to shoot out cars tires as American tourist refused to stop driving the wrong way

Police in Thailand opened fire on a car driven by an 'crazy' American tourist after she drove the wrong way down a busy road and crashed into 13 vehicles, injuring two people. 
The 29-year-old woman, named by local media as Samantha or Amanda, was chased by police through the Pattaya region for 30 minutes before they shot out three wheels of her car.
After the smashed-up car came to a halt, officers broke the front passenger window of the white Toyota Innova to arrest her when she refused to open the door.
The blonde woman was then bundled into a police car - to protect her from an angry mob that had formed in the wake of the carnage, who hurled abuse and tried to attack the American.
The Bangkok Post described how the woman played 'demolition derby' through the streets of Chon Buri's Banglamung district, in a saga which began when she drove the wrong way down Soi Siam Country Club in East Pattaya and clipped a motorbike. 
The driver did not stop - instead carrying on driving the wrong way down Sukhumvit Road, facing into traffic.

As police pursued her the car hit 12 other vehicles.
'It was a crazy bit of driving,' a police officer told the Phuket Wan Tourism News
'The American woman struck a motorcycle going the wrong side down the road then kept going. She turned a corner and kept hitting other vehicles, 13 at last count.'

 After police shot out three of the wheels on the car, a crowd formed around the vehicle that included a motorcyclist who was knocked off her bike during the wrecking spree. She was later taken to hospital suffering from injuries to her leg.
The American tourist was given a 'hefty' traffic fine and ordered to pay for all the damages caused to the vehicles and the medical expenses of the two injured people, according to the Pattaya One.
She later said she regretted her action and didn't stop for police because she panicked, added the website.


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