13 Apr 2015

Pentagon ‘Kiss’ Training Costs Over $2,000 Per Hour

Apparently the Pentagon has such a piss-poor human resources department they have to hire someone to teach the U.S. Air Force how to ‘ask for a kiss.’
No, this isn’t a joke and to top it off they are paying over $2,000 per  for this!
Remember that when you pay your taxes this week. Your hard-earned tax dollars actually pay for this.

The U.S. Air Force is paying Mike Domitrz $2,222 an hour to teach airmen when it’s OK to kiss on a date.
Domitrz, a speaker who has published books on relationships and survivors of sexual assault, will present three sessions titled “May I Kiss You?” to airmen, according to a report today in The Washington Free Beacon.
In a contract awarded by Dyess Air Force Base, outside Abilene, Tex., the Air Force will pay Domritz’s company, the Data Safe Project, $10,000 for three 60 to 90 minute sessions — approximately $2,222.22 per hour if all three sessions run the full 90 minutes.
Matt Namey, a spokesman for the company, said Domitrz earns roughly $325,000 per year from military contracts at 50 installations.

In the sessions, military members are taught how to ask before engaging in intimacy with their partners, how to intervene if they see alcohol used to facilitate a sexual assault, and how to support a survivor who confides in them about an assault.

You can watch a portion of the ‘training’ here:

What do you think about this use of your tax dollars?


  1. Nothing's sexier than stopping to ask "May I kiss you?" :-/

  2. If the chemistry ain't there, it should be obvious. Otherwise, don't be a dumb*ss.

  3. What kind of anal retentive child brain lets an institution tell them when they can kiss. Good grief.

  4. Hey, who cares, it's someone else money so...