19 Apr 2015

North Carolina Alderman calls constituent "mixed race b**ch" in public.

Alderman Darryl Mills is facing pressure to resign after he used derogatory language to a bartender last month.
Mills made the comment to Mia Banks while she was working at King Neptune Restaurant on North Lumina Avenue.
In an interview, Mills confirmed he called Banks a “mixed breed” and used an expletive. He said he and Banks have had a bantering and teasing relationship for years.
“That night, as soon as it happened, I saw that it bothered her, hurt her, and I apologized immediately and left,” Mills said. He later apologized a second time in an email.
He has no plans to resign. “I think this is a personal matter,” he said. “It has nothing to do with Wrightsville Beach.”
Banks agreed she had a bantering relationship with Mills, but said that would be true with all of her customers, especially regulars.
She said she had not discussed her race with Mills before his comment. Her mother is Polish and Italian and her father is African-American.
“I was humiliated,” Banks said. “I was degraded.”
Banks, who splits her time between Charlotte and Wrightsville Beach, said publicly addressing the comment felt like the right thing to do.
“He is in a position of power and I think he needs to be held accountable for his actions,” she said.


  1. kookooracharabioso19 April 2015 at 12:32

    We abominations will always hurt. Remember it was not so long ago that being from 2 different Christian denominations was heresy. I'm failing to understand the banter that accepts picking on the homeless due to no fault of their own for being homeless. When you are mixed you are never fully accepted anywhere. Like homeless for life. Instead of looking at it as a lack I understand that abominations are also a bridge and there are benefits to having a foot in each world.

  2. Good grief. No doubt he said something he shouldn't have but it shouldn't end his career. Mistake was made apology made issue is over. We have more important things to worry about then stupid little non-issue things like this