12 Apr 2015

Marshall University Attacks Whites, Christians, Heterosexuals for “Privilege”

A resident advisor at Marshall University recently hung a banner at university’s freshman residence hall based on the subject of privilege. The banner openly chastises whites, Christians, heterosexuals, and males for having “unearned privilege.”
Privilege is defined on the banner as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people,” according to the photo obtained by Campus Reform.
“Examples include white, male, Christian, cisgender, and heterosexual privilege that you’ve probably never realized or thought about,” the poster reads.

Such examples listed include:

“‘Flesh colored’ matches your skin tone,” and “not being asked ‘how does sex work for you?’”
You know, the real hardcore issues that college students are unafraid to tackle with magic marker.
As is typical, liberals are busy collectivizing people and assigning group identities to them, meanwhile accusing others of intolerance, unaware of the irony.
White privilege? Sure the flesh colored Band-Aids match, but try telling my working poor, Irish immigrant ancestors about their supposed privilege.
Male privilege means over 90% of hazardous jobs are conducted by men, not to mention being drafted for war. There’s also the fact the men are discriminated against in civil disputes, divorces, or child custody battles.
But leftist social justice warriors will issues charges against whatever group they decide isn’t in line with their cultural values. They preach tolerance, but are actually incredibly intolerant to anyone who holds different values than they do. What really irks them is when the majority holds a view they don’t, that means the majority is “privileged” and they are oppressed.

Leftist culture on university campuses has created a generation of the thinnest skinned, emotionally sensitive, over reactive young Americans to ever venture out their parents’ homes. They base their identities on the concept of victimhood, and foster a mentality totally hostile toward most of the world. They label themselves feminists, then defend Islamic customs that demean and oppress women.

Social justice warriors really have their own “privilege.” That’s the ability to make ill assumptions on entire groups of people based on their physical appearances, sexuality, or faith, and to spread those assumptions around without consequence. They claim to stand for human rights, but it’s really just a desire to be a victim combined with social intolerance.


  1. harry freeloaderII12 April 2015 at 12:23

    Another racist, heterophobe, anti-God attack on white people. Get a life.

  2. Spreaders of the "White privilege" MYTH are mentally ill. They have Low Self Esteem, and Negative Self Worth, and need Mental Counseling. Those who promote this hate-message are Passive Aggressive cancers attempting to kill off the Healthy Life around them.
    Patients suffering from delusions of "White Privilege" should be removed from any contact with impressionable Youth.
    Patients suffering from delusions of "White Privilege" should be monitored for depression & possible suicide.
    Patients who feel all other cultures are somehow "superior" to White Western Christianity should ask why all those "others" are coming HERE.

  3. Tell it to the coal miners, the people of Appalachia, sissy.

  4. Pontious Pirate12 April 2015 at 15:41

    That leaves Black gay atheist women who are the only underprivileged

  5. Pontious Pirate12 April 2015 at 15:45

    I did not choose to be a white Anglo Saxon I was born that way, so all you others can go jump off a cliff!

  6. I happen to be of Irish descent, if you know anything about how the Irish have suffered throughout history you will take that privilege crap and pack it up your other orifice.
    This is nothing but a way to keep racial tension active and people divided. If the people of other races were to become aware of just how corrupt their gov is and just how badly they have been used, by people of their own race elites would have a big problem on their hands.
    Luckily for the parasites in gov and the greedy puppet masters who own them, people are not smart enough to realize that whites have been trying for generations to help others and raise their standard of living. But there are those in all races who just do not possess the intelligence or the fortitude to look the problem in the eye.
    Right now the racial tension in the country is coming primarily from the one race which complains the most about racial discrimination and prejudice. That is a fact and it is fed by the White House and the liberal institutions which are set up and paid by the usual suspects whose wealth is obscene and they are the ones who should have shame not he average american working person.
    If Obummer really wants to have a racial conflict then in reality he wants the other races to lose and lose badly. For now White people are trying to remain calm and use common sense to defuse this situation (those who are not mentally deficient liberals), however if the racial slurs, attacks on whites and general hostile environment continue a push back will likely occur. And blacks are only 13 percent of the population. Regardless of the amount of gangster music they listen to or how many crimes they commit mostly against their own people, they will never generate the fear in the white population they wish to especially among the Irish.
    So if anyone wants reparations and all that jazz you better be bringing some for the Irish who were enslaved before the blacks and also alongside them.
    It is my privilege to tell you that starting a racial conflict is not in your or anyone's interest, we have bankers, politicians, corrupt cops, judges, and billionaire parasites to deal with.

  7. Marshall University Attacks Whites, Christians, Heterosexuals for “Privilege”
    But this same University has no problem TAKING Govt grants that were STOLEN from those same people, via taxation, that it vilifies and hates.

    If that's how they really feel, STOP TAKING TAX MONEY! Start charging your students the TRUE costs of their education, instead of putting the financial burden on those TAX PAYERS YOU HATE! What say you to that, Marshall University??

  8. Keep baitin' 'em!

  9. The longer we can be kept in-fighting the more time they have to achieve their goals. They use us like tools.

  10. +1 You beat me to it.

  11. The US is slowly being turned communist. The New World Order is technically the Jew World Order. Zionism = Communism = Jews = the NEW WORLD ORDER. They need to destroy the current system to give birth to our new Orwellian system. The last country to take these sociopaths on was Germany 1933.

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  12. you forgot ..... substance abusing ....... and maybe HIV positive too