1 Apr 2015

Judge to Christian Florist: Pay Fine, Do Gay Weddings – Or Else!

The on-going story of Washington state Christian Florist – Barronelle Stutzman – has been reported here multiple times. But now, there is a new development in her continuing case against government coercion forcing her to go against her faith.  Christian News Network reports:
A Christian florist from Washington who is in jeopardy of losing her business, home and life savings after a judge found her guilty of discrimination has been ordered to pay a $1,000 fine to the state attorney general, an order that is stated to be “only the first punch” financially against the business owner.

This is unbelievable in America.  When any government believes it has the right to dictate to people what they must do or not do in regards to their faith, then that government has crossed a line the Constitution prohibits.

Christian News Network continues this latest development:
In January, Benton County Superior Court Judge Alex Eckstrom—while throwing out a charge that accused Stutzman of directing her business to violate the state’s anti-discrimination laws—ruled that the florist may be held personally responsible for the incident.
The ruling drew concerns that fines could consequently place Stutzman at risk of losing his business, home and/or bank accounts.
Last month, Eckstrom granted summary judgment to Stutzman’s opponents, agreeing that she had committed an act of discrimination. On Friday, he ordered her to pay $1,000 to Ferguson as a civil penalty, and reiterated his initial order that she service same-sex ceremonies.

So, in order to avoid more litigation and fines, Barronelle must pay Attorney General Ferguson $1000 and start servicing same-sex wedding ceremonies.

Stutzman, who is being defended by the Alliance Defending Freedom, is still facing more severe penalties even if she caves in to this latest judicial order as Christian News Network explains.
But ADF says that Friday’s order is just the tip of the iceberg.
“Today’s judgment affirms the court’s earlier decision that Barronelle must pay a penalty for her faith and surrender her freedom and conscience,” said Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner in a statement. “The penalty and fees imposed today are only the first punch.”
“The ACLU, on behalf of the same-sex couple also suing Barronelle, has asked the court to award them penalties, fees, and costs, which will financially devastate Barronelle’s business and personal assets—including taking this 70-year old grandmother’s retirement and personal savings,” she explained further. “The message sent by the attorney general and the ACLU to the people of Washington is quite clear: surrender your religious liberty and free speech rights, or face personal and professional ruin.”
Once again we see ACLU lawyers insert themselves into a case to enrich themselves as well as establish case law to push their radical left-wing agenda further.  They have obviously found a sympathetic judge and a radical Attorney General to do their bidding.

Stutzman represents the majority of hard-working Americans who want to live their lives without harassment from the government and society’s radicals hell-bent on forcing their agenda and life-style choices on everyone else.


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