8 Apr 2015

Japanese Scientists Successfully Transmit Electricity Through The Air

Scientists in Japan have successfully transmitted electric energy wirelessly through the air, proving that Nikola Tesla was onto something big.
For years debates have raged about whether or not power could be transferred through the air, and while there have been many reports of this being achieved on a small scale, there has never been a major mainstream study into the phenomenon, until now.
Scientists with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency used microwaves to deliver electricity to a specific target 55 meters away.
This was the first time anyone has managed to send a high output of nearly two kilowatts of electric power via microwaves to a small target, using a delicate directivity control device,” a spokesman for the agency told AFP on Thursday.
SSPS consists of a space-based power generation/transmission facility that gathers sunlight, converts it into microwaves or laser beams, and transmits those to the ground; and a power receiving facility on the ground,” explained researcher Yasuyuki Fukumuro.
“There are many technological challenges to solve before SSPS can be implemented. When transmitting power by microwaves, a significant technological challenge is how to control the direction, and transmit it with pinpoint accuracy from a geostationary orbit to a receiving site on the ground,” he added.
The SSPS project will initially be geared towards space applications, to power space stations, shuttles, and equipment, but will eventually be used for practical purposes on Earth as well.

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  1. Pontious Pirate8 April 2015 at 11:55

    And only 100 years after Tesla

  2. If and when it is going to be put to use, you can guarantee something will happen to keep it from coming to fruition. Can't have all this cheap energy running around!

  3. Duh, transmitting electric energy wirelessly through the air is called... Radio. Albeit very weak, a radio signal is simply electric energy transmitted through the air to a receiver that converts that electric energy to an audio stream.

    Aiming a high-power microwave generator at a pin point target on earth from 23,500 miles out in space, where even a fraction of a degree of error can result in missing said target by many miles? Oh yeah, no way anything could go disastrously wrong with that idea.

  4. But, but, but........ Were are you going to put the METER ????
    Humm..... No METER ,mean free energy !
    Free energy for the SERFS ??? We can't have that ! The SERFS will become too uppity after receiving FREE ENERGY & we can't have that ! What the World will become then ??

  5. super dangerous and Tesla was transmitting energy through the earth so you could plug-in at any point of the surface and draw power, not "through the air".