19 Apr 2015

Japanese population falls to 15-year low. "The number of people aged 65 or over ... now outnumber those aged 14 or younger by two to one."

Japan’s population has shrunk for the fourth year running, falling back to a level it was last at in 2000, the government said. More than one in four people are now 65 or older.
The population dropped by 0.17%, or 215,000 people, to 127,083,000 as of 1 October last year, according to the data released on Friday. The figure includes long-staying foreigners.
The number of people aged 65 or over rose by 1.1 million to 33 million and now outnumber those aged 14 or younger by two to one.
The demographic shift is due to a combination of a low birthrate and long life expectancy.
Japan’s rapidly greying population poses a major headache for policymakers who are faced with trying to ensure an ever-dwindling pool of workers can pay for the growing number of pensioners.
The country has very little immigration. Any suggestion of opening its borders to young workers who could help plug the population gap provokes strong reactions among the public.


  1. Japan is cutting edge.
    It's just a matter of time that all nations have to face the reality that growth is not the solution to their long-term economic problems. A new model of prosperity must be developed to prevent the eventual collapse due to unsustainable population.
    I don't want a billion people in the United States.
    I don't want a half billion people in the United States.
    I don't even want 300 million people in the United States.
    It's too crowded.
    I think we should place an indefinite moratorium on ALL immigration, legal and illegal.
    I think we should figure how to stabilize our population without sacrificing affluence or the potential for greater affluence.
    The Japanese lead. We follow.

  2. Good news, I never liked the US loving frog eyed nation of Japan, which stands for copying other ideas and financial fraud and nuclear disaster.