25 Apr 2015

Here Are 136 Questions Hillary Has to Answer For Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the leader of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has requested former Secretary State Hillary Clinton appear before his panel next month to testify. He has sent Clinton a list of 136 sample questions which center on her improper use of a private email server and her deletion of some 30,000 emails.
“Suffice it to say our members have more questions,” Gowdy warned.

The request sets up a public showdown between the embattled Democratic presidential candidate and the feisty, southern prosecutor.

Gowdy also indicated that he will be scheduling another public hearing for Mrs. Clinton is June.
The sample questions prove Gowdy isn’t messing around. We grabbed some of the best to show you below. They include questions about the operation and funding of the server, as well as security and data retention questions.
Gowdy Q's 1
Gowdy Q's 2
Gowdy Q's 4
You can read Gowdy’s entire letter and all the questions here.

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  1. All this hoopla is just a waste of time, and an effective smokescreen. Instead of pursuing this fruitless circus act, federal marshals should cuff this criminal's hands behind her back and perp-walk her in front of a law-abiding judge. The action under inquiry was an obvious violation of federal law. What's holding up justice?