23 Apr 2015

‘Killing Jews is Worship’ Ad Allowed on NYC Transportation Services

A free speech lawsuit brought by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), in which they sued New York City’s MTA (Manhattan Transportation Authority) to have the right to pay for specific ads.
The ads state “Killing Jews is Worship and that draws us close to Allah” and it appears to be a quote from Hamas MTV.

The argument against the ads were that they could incite violence against Jews but the judge in the case threw that theory out, allowing the MTA to place the ads on their transportation services. 

“Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” reads one such ad next to the image of a young man in a checkered headscarf. “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”
The poster is at the center of heated legal debate over public safety and free speech. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ruled that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) cannot stop the controversial ad from running on scores of subway cars and buses.
The MTA has argued that the ad could incite violence against Jews, but Koeltl rejected that idea.
“This is a triumph for liberty and free speech,” tweeted Pamela Geller, the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), the group that purchased the ads and sued the MTA to run them. “#freedom #victory #shariafail.” 
“With our NY win, our ads will make their debut on New York buses in the coming weeks,” AFDI’s Web site promises above a “donate” button. “We want to run 100. Help us make that happen.”
But even if the ads don’t incite violence in New York City, they could overseas. Earlier this month, Egypt’s top religious authority called AFDI’s posters “racist” and issued a fatwa, or official edict, against them. “This hazardous campaign will leave the gate of confrontation and clashes wide open instead of exerting efforts towards peaceful coexistence and harmony,” according to the edict.

Read More:http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/04/22/killing-jews-is-worship-posters-will-soon-appear-on-nyc-subways-and-buses/?tid=hp_mm 


  1. The great thing about free speech and tact determining the frauds from the genuine idiots is it reveals the propaganda all on its own.

  2. What about this writings on the wall inside Israel where they want Arabs to be Gassed, or sorry, sorry, that antisemetism ehhhh..... right.

    And this ad is hillarious, and works in a nation whom have been spoonfeed islamaphobia for a decade, and know nothing, and cesures everything.
    I lve the sheer hypocrasy among the lunatics in the Israeli compartment of this asylum, where they whine about been censured wile them selfs censures anyone whom wrties in THEIR home sites.
    Specaly Jihadwatch whom censures everything.
    Of course, truth and facts, shait like that isnt what They want you to know about.

    Like Madelain Albright, luaging of 500 000 Iraqi children died of their sactions from basicly lacking medics and so on, all done by the Americans.
    Why dont you show us, the pourses made by Native indians, slaughtered by the Yankees, and so on.
    Just to equallise the ads "truth".
    And beside, isnt it jews that is kiling Palestinians, blowing children away with powerfull sniper rifles, and braggs about Two in One, Jews.
    Why dont you show us Goiyms about That, jews, while we are at the shit showeling sone.


  3. when all you have is hate then hate is what you get, whats with the hate losers, got nothing else to offer then find another planet to continue your hatefest or just do the right thing and end your useless pathetic life

  4. One distasteful quote...yet one could paper an entire train with the crude, racist historical and contemporary quotes against Palestinians, Arabs, Christians mouthed by prominent israeli govt officials, jewish religious clerics, top community leaders.

  5. Angel Talarico3 May 2015 at 02:15

    We just knew that 'amish' were behind this ad; too obvious. Would like to see the entries from the holocaust cartoon contest held in Tehran posted on the side of NYC busses; far more informative.