30 Apr 2015

9 Weird Laws You Could Get Arrested For Breaking (10 pics)

Make sure you memorize these laws. You don't want to get arrested in Indiana for traveling into the state too soon after eating an onion.

It's illegal in Indiana for a person to enter public areas or transport within 4 hours of eating onions or garlic
In case it truly exists, harassment of Bigfoot is an arrestable offense. (Washington)

School buses retain the right to plow through traffic when gridlocked on train tracks, weak bridges, or other hazardous areas. They are not responsible for your damages. (NY)
A group in public concealing their identities via masks is an arrestable offense. (NY)
Cutting down a cactus will net you a prison term of up to 25 years. (southwest)
You're not allowed to perform "unnatural acts" in Florida
This includes oral sex and any other position besides missionary, which constitute separate but equal offenses in the state
Women can not wear high heels in public. (CA)

Adultery is illegal in Michigan

It is illegal to spit. (CA)


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