19 Apr 2015

235 years later, The Hermione sails again to America

This is L'Hermione, the ship that carried Le Marquis de Lafayette from France to Boston in 1780 to help the American revolutionaries fight the Brits.

Three years before, when he was just 19 years old, he offered his services to the  insurgent American army. After fighting in several battles and being wounded, he returned to France in 1779 to seek aid from King Louis XVI on behalf of the American revolutionaries. He came back with a whole army...

17 years ago, a group of french restoration enthusiasts had the crazy idea to recreate a Life-size replica of the boat, using only eighteenth-century shipbuilding techniques.

The project has attracted artisan craftsmen from France, Britain, Germany, Spain and Sweden... 8,000 people have worked on it.

The project was financed by the local government as well as crow-funding and tourist donations as the construction site was open to the public.

In La Rochelle,  getting ready to sail.

Little treats for the American Friends.

The Hermione finally left France on April 18 to pay a visit to America. It took 38 days to Lafayette to make the journey...


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