18 Mar 2015

Wisconsin police officer kills suspect on first day back after previous shooting

On his first day back from a mandatory leave for shooting and wounding a knife-wielding man earlier this month, a Wisconsin police officer shot and killed an armed suspect after confronting him following a chase, authorities said. 
Kenosha police officer Pablo Torres returned from leave on Saturday, 10 days after shooting a man who advanced on police armed with knives, the department said.
While that 4 March shooting was investigated, Torres was placed on administrative leave, as per department policy in police-involved shootings. He also attended annual in-service training before returning to work last weekend, police said.
On Saturday morning, police gave chase to a car driven by 26-year-old Aaron Siler, whom they were trying to arrest on a felony probation and parole warrant, lieutenant Brad Hetlet said in a statement. Siler crashed his vehicle at around 9.30am and ran off.
When Torres confronted Siler, Siler “armed himself with a weapon” and Torres fatally shot him, Hetlet said.
Police did not immediately respond to calls seeking further information about the shooting of Siler, including the type of weapon he was allegedly wielding when he was killed.


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