24 Mar 2015

Tennessee Barbecue in England

We dug the hole in my friend's back yard/garden...after asking his mom's permission, naturally
We constructed a huge inferno...

Then waited for it to burn down to coals...

Before placing the wrapped meat down in the pit. We had already put the barbecue rub on the meat before wrapping it.

Then we covered the pit with a wooden cover wrapped in alumin(i)um foil...

and covered the wooden cover with a tarp and a whole heap of dirt.

The next day we started on the homemade vinegar-based sauce and baked beans....

Before we went out to check on the meat.

The smell hit us like a typhoon of Appalachian deliciousness.

Back inside we started recovering our spoils and plating the food.

Here is a pork shoulder emerging from it's alumin(i)um wrapping.

It was a lovely evening for it.

The table is set.

The meat: pulled pork and barbecue ribs.

We had both homemade vinegar-based sauce and Jack Daniel's ketchup-based sauce.

No one wanted to put the sauce on the meat because it was so delicious.


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