27 Mar 2015

Pro-Aborts Not Content Just to Kill Babies – Now They’re Doing THIS!

Violence is the hallmark of the abortion industry. Those who kill babies in the womb have perfected the art of intra-uterine murder in many ways. But now it seems pro-abortion supporters have taken their violence to a new level.  
Police in Austin, Texas, arrested a woman March 23 who threw a gasoline bomb at pro-life activists gathered for daily prayer outside an Austin Planned Parenthood facility.
A group from the Central Texas Coalition for Life reportedly stood praying outside the clinic when a car drove by and a passenger threw a flaming object early yesterday evening. The device turned out to be a gasoline-filled bottle with a rag fuse, a type of homemade bomb known as a “Molotov cocktail.”

“Yesterday evening toward the end of the daily prayer vigil, a passerby threw a flaming object at the prayer volunteers. Fortunately no one was injured and the flames were put out quickly,” the Central Texas Coalition for Life tells Life News. “This is not the first time people have thrown objects at pro-lifers but clearly this instance was a more direct threat, and we always want to exercise caution.”

According to a report by KXAN Austin, the Planned Parenthood clinic involved is on East Ben White Boulevard near South Congress. Planned Parenthood told KXAN none of their staff and patients were injured or affected by the incident.
It seems hard to believe, but right here in America those who were exercising their 1st Amendment rights to protest and peaceably assembly have been “fire-bombed” by someone who opposes their beliefs. 
LifeSite News reported a member of the prayer group stomped on the burning rag to stop the possibility of an explosion. Another member took a photo of the vehicle’s license plate number while someone else called to report the incident to police. Authorities caught the woman and took her into custody later that night.

Police have identified and arrested Melanie Toney as the attacker.
Ruth Allwein, a pro-life protester, told local Austin, Texas, TV station KVUE the details of the attack.

“It looked like some sort of bottle, and it had an ignited wick in it, so my first instinct was backing away,” she says.

The news station reports, “Toney admitted to throwing a bottle out the window with some paper in it and said it ‘might’ have been smoldering when she threw it.”

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  1. harry freeloaderII30 March 2015 at 05:32

    Abortion is soft eugenics politicized under the guise of “rights.”