17 Mar 2015

Private Company Suspected of Dumping Biohazards Into Oklahoma River. Hundreds of used syringes and blood vials in biohazard containers ended up in the Arkansas River after a private company was hired to dispose of them, investigators said.

 Hundreds of used syringes and vials of blood were found in the Arkansas River on Saturday.
Taylor Smyth says he takes his kids to the river almost every weekend, but after coming across the needles in the same spot that his kids build sand castles, that might change.
He says he was out with some friends boating on the Arkansas River Saturday when he saw what he thought was a tackle box.
It turns out it was five biohazard containers completely filled with vials of blood and syringes with the needles still attached.
“I don’t feel comfortable swimming now,” Smyth said.
He thinks someone was dumping them off a bridge upstream.
“There’s no telling how long this has happened or if it’s happened more than once,” Smyth said.
Pawnee County Sheriff Mike Waters says they have found six other containers spanning over thirty miles of the Arkansas River in the past few weeks.
“I know diseases can be transmitted through needles, so for someone to throw it off a bridge, I’ll tell you, they’re a low down dirty dog,” Waters said.
Smyth says he’s furious that whoever did this not only put the lives of his children in danger but hundreds of people who come to the river every week as well.
“It’s sickening to think that there’s a possibility that someone could get hepatitis from something like this, the possibility is very real I think,” Smyth said.
Authorities say they are checking with hospitals in the area to see if any of the vials belong to them.


  1. Fluoride in our water, coal ash in our skies (
    ) and now blood and needles tainted with contaminants and diseases that we aren't sure exactly what they might do ... but they darn sure don't belong in our rivers!

    What in the world is going on? Why isn't the government doing something to protect the American populace??? Why are we hell bent on destroying other countries whilst our own is being destroyed right before our eyes???

  2. Due to a loop hole, well used by industry, back in the '60's, the illegal dumping was rampant and this kind of stuff was done with regularity, with a wink, wink, nod. These guys had only contempt for the environments and people that were impacted and enough money to pay off and pay what ever fines, sometimes a year's worth in advance, so as not to be bothered. Yeah, the EPA was put in place to potect the industries that ruin mirco and macro environments and health of world populations. I don't see as how they have changed so much since then.

  3. Even when (if) the crooks contracted to dispose of this medical waste gets caught they'll just be fined.

    You know, the old make 5 million dollars on the contract and pay a one million dollar fine, trick. Four million profit (AKA) the neo-American way.

    This country is not turning into but has already turned into a real sh*t hole full of crooks, criminal, perverts and the politicians/lawyers/MSM is even worse..

  4. nobody swims in the Arkansas anyway.... its gross and barely has any water in it this time of year. Actually there are signs that explicitly state that swimming is prohibited due to biological hazards. I live in Tulsa, nobody goes for dips in the river,

  5. They might want to take a close look at who owns the disposal company. There was a case some years back of the Mafia owning both a toxic waste disposal company and a home heating oil company. They were secretly mixing the toxic waste with the heating oil so their customers were unwittingly having their home furnaces used as toxic waste incinerators, and whatever didn't burn was going into the air in residential neighborhoods.

  6. and the name of this private company?