8 Mar 2015

Hillary’s Disappearing Act Just Took A Very Strange Twist on Twitter

The train-wreck known as Hillary Clinton is still going full speed ahead. She changed her profile picture on Twitter.

Some people think it’s because the picture shows Hillary doing something illegal. Reading/Typing emails on her Blackberry that she had hidden from the State Department.

Trey Gowdy says, “There are gaps of months and months and months. If you think to that iconic picture of her on a C-17 flying to Libya, sunglasses on, she has her handheld device in her hand — we have no e-mails from that day. In fact we have no e-mails from that trip.”
The cool and suave picture of Hillary rocking shades on her Blackberry is no more. #Hallelujah

The new picture is better because we don’t have to look at Hillary’s mug anymore, that’s always a plus.

Hillary and the people running her media are so un-aware of how the public feels about them it’s actually hilarious.

Read More:http://www.youngcons.com/hillary-clinton-changed-twitter-profile-pic/


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