21 Mar 2015

Guess Which Foreign Power Is Giving Hillary Big Money?

When they aren’t busy getting high and playing video games in their parents’ basements, millennials in New York City are spending big bucks to attend organized “Adult Preschool.”

Activities at these adult preschools include show-and-tell, arts and crafts, games, and even “nap time.”

Getting in touch with your inner child has never been so expensive.

The Brooklyn-based Preschool Mastermind, as it’s called, is a preschool-type experience for adults. No, really. And according to its founder, there’s show-and-tell, arts-and-crafts such as finger paint, games (think musical chairs) and even naps.

“I realized all the implications of what we learn in preschool,” said founder Michelle Joni, who said she went to school for childhood education and always wanted to be a preschool teacher. “People come here and get in touch with their inner child. It’s magical.”
The class runs through March and meets weekly. Joni was getting ready for tonight’s class when we spoke. She facilitates the class with two assistants. There are six students in the class, each hoping to get something different out of the experience. …

Adult preschool — not unlike New York City’s preschool’s for children, doesn’t come cheap. Payment for the class is on a sliding scale ranging from $333 to $999. Joni said that “preschool is all about choice. I want them [the students] to feel good about the choice they’re making.”

Next week there’s a field trip. Then the last week of class is “parent day” when the students bring two adults of their choice to class. One woman is actually bringing her parents.

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