7 Mar 2015

Christian college chaplain fired for preaching compassion and love over violence of American Sniper

On February 10th, MidAmerica Nazarene University’s  (MNU) chaplain Randy Beckum gave his morning sermon, which wasn’t unusual – it was his job. But what was different that day was the response to the sermon – as one student paper put it, the sermon sparked an “outcry” and a torrent of criticism particularly on social media. The criticism ranged from complaints that Beckum had politicized his sermons to the idea that he had insulted Christians who served in the military.
What was this controversial sermon that Beckum gave? Here’s the full text and below you’ll find an embedded video of the sermon:
Beckum’s sermon that day was about America’s addiction to violence, citing the film “American Sniper” as a symptom of that, and how this was problematic for Christianity, a religion founded on the ideals of nonviolence. Here’s an excerpt:
As you know two movies came out recently. Selma, the story of one of the 20th century most influential Christian leaders, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who led a non-violent movement that changed the course of American History forever. And American Sniper, the story of the most deadly Navy SEAL sniper in American history. Selma has made 29-30 million so far. American Sniper made over 103 million in the first 4 days. Gives you an idea about who our heroes are. I don’t think it is an under-statement to say that our culture is addicted to violence, guns, war, revenge and retaliation. Unfortunately, so are a lot of Christians.
He went on to say that we have to “be very careful about equating patriotism with Christianity,” and implored his flock to be “controlled by love, compelled by love for everyone.”
Shortly after Beckum’s sermon, it was announced that he would no longer be the vice president of the university’s Community Foundation. Although the university president claimed Beckum had previously expressed interest in stepping down from that position, his daughter disputes this assertion.


  1. The PRINCE of PEACE was not a WAR god.
    JUDAS ISCARIOT is alive and preaching from the pulpit of many American Churches.
    Any "teacher" who diverts Christians into bowing to the Jewish Temple Priests is a JudasGoat "kissing the cheek" of Christ through HIS Flock, for pieces of silver or foul reasons.
    He who blesses Israel Crucifies Christ.
    CHRISTians should welcome any Jew that comes to Jesus.
    CHRISTians cannot support or aid Israel or the Jewish Nation that DENIES the Lamb of God.
    OLD testament / NEW testament
    WAR god / PEACE god
    OLD covenant / NEW covenant
    The ESSENCE of Judaism is VENGEANCE
    ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words (anticline); used freely in combination with elements of any origin (antibody; antifreeze; antiknock;;;; ANTICHRIST).
    How can one say "judeo-christian" or "christian-zionism" when Judeo refuses to even ACKNOWLEDGE CHRIST?! Judeo refuses to acknowledge Jesus except to INSULT him and HIS teachings in the NEW Testament. They claim Jesus was the bastard child of a Roman soldier and Mary was a Harlot ....... and "christian" preachers CONDONE this?!?

  2. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9) — Matthew 5:9

    Nowhere did Jesus say anything about "Blessed are the Warmongers".

    'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.' — Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Rafael Espericueta7 March 2015 at 12:40

    American Christianity is very like the Taliban in their love of hatred and violence and hatred of peace and compassion, and in their vast intolerance of others.

  4. Jack of Spades7 March 2015 at 12:49

    America doesn't need any more Zionist Christians waiting for the rapture with their hands raised in submission to ANY enemy. If God wants to join the party, take the point any time you feel like it God.

  5. How ironic, isnt it, since both Yeshuas teachings is been perverted into oblivion, and this goes the the teachings of Muhammad, both was fundamental peacefull, and no where is it aproved to be or inflict violence at all.

    Nowhere, americans, nowhere.
    And you whine about ALLAH, and their prophet.

    And whats even more hillariously and a fact, since Yeshua(palestinian, edomite) talked a semitic(arameic, a finno-ugric language,old as the sumerian witch is also a finno-ugric language) language, the word GOD, in arameic is de facto ALLAH, so Yeshua used the word ALLAH, not the GOD, or Yahve witch is the same.
    I am amazed of how stupid and massivly ignorante the christians/muslims/jews are, and lain evil creautres.

    Can you handle the true teaching of yeshua, can you, I dont think you can at all, and I know you are doomed, your children is stil free, but the people, well, karma is a bitch.
    This teaching is becomed demonised and missundrstud and now by their own chirstians, seen upon as "new age", whateverthatmeans.
    Yeshuas teachings is as old as humanity it self, He was alowed to show us the gate, and to teachs us about our creatore(ess).
    There was only ONE person Yeshua warned us about, Peter, the sprouser of lies, and his hate against women, the sole reason for the Catholc teachings to be a false doctrine, since the other half is totally missing, women.
    The Rome is a bank, period, nothing else, than a bank.
    Anything else than unconditional surender by the Rome to the teachings of yeashua, is a confirmation of their treason and their false teachings, a sin that is very grave, and they know it, and He wants them on their KNEES.

    Isnt it hillarious, and they wounder why their churches are empty.
    How ironic, when yeshuas teachings is been hated and scorn, by his own.
    I dint fully realise the debt to with the followers have sunken, oh, lord have mercy upon the them they do not know anything.
    Nor is they willing to learn anything.
    And above all, wurth nothing.
    Live by the sword, and you will die by the sword.


  6. Whenever someone starts trying to blow smoke up my butt with PSEUDO-spiritual-biblicious talk ...... I go to sleep.

  7. It's a wonder these (haha) 'Christians' didn't start shouting -

    Give us Barabbas! Give us Barabbas!! Give us Barabbas!!!
    (give em' time)

  8. James R. Calvert8 March 2015 at 04:59

    The Pledge of Allegiance notwithstanding, the United States of America has
    never at any time been " one Nation under God." The only "gods" the United States has ever been under are Baal (sex), Mammon (money), and Mauzzim, the god of forces (Dan. 11:38). "Blessed are the peacemakers"? In the world to come maybe, but not in this world. This world routinely murders its peacemakers. For example, JFK, RFK, MLK, etc. America lives by the sword. It worships the god of forces (Dan. 11:38). In has made a god out of military exploits and strength (Rev. 13:4). America's leaders are insane psychopathic warmongers. They are anything but peacemakers.

  9. Alabama Mothman8 March 2015 at 06:11

    Just shows the morale standards of this country with it's love of war.

  10. "A separate 501(c)3 organization, the MidAmerica Nazarene University
    Foundation is authorized by the University Board of Trustees and exists
    solely to raise and manage private resources supporting the mission and
    priorities of the University. The MNU Foundation’s principle activity is
    to build, manage and invest the university's endowment fund."

    So then this "university" is a front for bankers and attorneys. Not a place for the christ-like to be staying for long. losethename dot com

  11. Thou shalt not kill. If you are going to live by the words in the bible then follow ALL of it. Erks me to no end when people follow only what is convenient to their lifestyle.
    That said what the hell does it matter what anyone says. People have too much damn time on their hands now-a-days. What happened to the good ol' days when you simply ignored stupid little things. When every single person thinks that their feelings and opinions are all that matter you end up with the world we live in today... hope you are enjoying it.

  12. Those that label themselves Christians now days prefer their savior to be a Rambo Jesus.... a GI Jesus!