19 Mar 2015

Amazon, PayPal and Spotify inadvertently fund white supremacists. Here’s how.

Counter-Currents.com, a Web site you probably do not encounter in your standard Internet travels, exists to advance the books of noted neo-Nazis and the creation of an all-white nationalist state.
Amazon.com, a site visited by 80 million people daily, exists to sell things.
But for the past five years, Amazon and Counter Currents have been entwined in a little-seen symbiosis: Counter Currents belongs to Amazon’s Affiliates program, which means it funnels traffic to the Amazon store. In exchange, Amazon sends Counter Currents a percentage of the sale — 7 percent or more.
Counter Currents made more than $5,000 through the program between 2010 and 2012, according to its own reports. And according to Heidi Beirich, who directs research at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a noted civil-rights advocacy group, it’s only one of a number of white supremacist groups that Amazon inadvertently funds through Affiliates. Neither Amazon nor its public relations firm responded to multiple requests for comment, which is not unusual for stories involving the company.
In fact, in a series of research reports — the latest of which was released last week — the SPLC identifies three major Internet companies that white supremacist groups use to finance their activities, including Amazon, PayPal and Spotify. And those corporations aren’t doing it unknowingly, either: In all three cases, they’ve been contacted repeatedly by the SPLC and have either declined to enforce their existing policies against hate speech or simply have not replied.
“I have contacted them and explained, ‘You are literally funding hate groups,’ ” Beirich said. “But they never respond. … Someone says they’re concerned, they’re looking into it, they’ll get back to you soon — then, nothing. You never hear back.”
Without financial disclosures from the Internet companies and groups in question, it’s impossible to quantify exactly how much money white supremacists are making from this scheme, or how much money the arrangement is making for tech companies. In most cases, these groups keep their financial details private. That said, companies like PayPal and Spotify make it clear exactly how they divide profits with users, which provides a general sketch of what any profit-sharing looks like.
PayPal — the “banking system of the hate movement,” Beirich says — collects a 2.9 percent fee on payments sent. Translation: During Counter Currents’ last summer fundraiser, during which the group earned $40,372, PayPal stood to make more than $1,000. As of last spring, at least 69 SPLC-designated “hate groups” used PayPal, according to that organization.
“PayPal’s policies prohibit individuals and groups from using PayPal to promote hate, violence or racial intolerance, or to call for violence of any kind against any group,” a PayPal spokesman said. “We assess potential violations of our policy objectively on a case-by-case basis.” PayPal would not elaborate on that process, other than to say that the company has “a team dedicated to investigations.”
Spotify, per its own figures, collects 30 percent of the total revenue from songs streamed on its service — including albums with names like “White Pride White Passion.” (In a statement to The Post, Spotify said it “takes these issues very seriously,” and that it “proactively” removes songs and artists across its sites when they are flagged by a German review board.)
And Amazon, through the affiliate program, distributes between 7 and 10 percent of referred sales to its “partners;” Nazi flagsSwastika pins and other “white pride” memorabilia also sell in Amazon’s “Marketplace,” where Amazon collects fees of 8 to 45 percent. To become a member of the affiliates program, Amazon requires applicants to confirm that their sites do not “promote discrimination, or employ discriminatory practices, based on race, sex, religion,” or a number of other categories. That does not appear to have stopped several white supremacist groups from slipping through. (Amazon’s founder and chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos, is also the owner of The Washington Post.)
“These are normal, corporate businesses,” a frustrated Beirich said, “and they’re providing services to the white supremacy movement.”


  1. News Forage is against free speech? Wow. I will never read News Forage again. God Bless Counter-Currents.

  2. The SPLC is controlled by Je wish interests. Perhaps it is time to ask the SPLC why they are ok with Je wish supremacism, yet must attack white people that have an interest in their own people and own culture?

    The lot of them are HYPOCRITES.

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    I'd rather have them funding Nazis than fucking Communists, Transgenders, and Faggots...

  4. South poverty law center is calling the kettle black again, stupid scumbags yea I said it

  5. SPLC is the number 1 racist bigoted hate group in America. Mark Potack needs to be tried and convicted for treason for making war on decent Americans an dealt with accordingly.