21 Mar 2015

A Prank Battle between Brothers (21 pics)

This guy took pranking to the next level when he did this to his brother.

"First a couple of before and afters...this is what his room used to look like"

"Now it looks like this"

"Now onto the process. Here is the room stripped bare"

"This took me a bit over an hour"

"Then we started painting. I had some friends over to help"

"This is just the first coat"

"The day 1 crew, what is painting without beer?"

"Another day, another coat"

"Last I took off the tape and did final touch-ups on the trim"


  1. I can't get my brother to do the dishes.. the color may suck but I could use a new paint job.

  2. Hahahaha. He painted the room. WoooHooo. Quite the prank. I'm sure his brother returned the prank by redoing the carpet.