21 Feb 2015

Yoga and Indian head massages lead to Satanism, says priest

A yoga teacher who also describes herself as a "good Catholic" has defended the ancient discipline after a priest equated it to paganism - and even Satanism.
Evelyn Donnelly rejected the warning by Fr Roland Colhoun, from Glendermott parish in Derry, who said that practising yoga or getting Indian head massages will lead to the "Kingdom of Darkness".
Fr Colhoun said that while people may go into yoga with good intentions, it will not be long before they are drawn towards the "bad spiritual domain" of "Satan and the Fallen Angels".
He told the Derry Journal: "Pope Francis said ‘do not seek spiritual answers in yoga classes’. Yoga is certainly a risk. There’s the spiritual health risk.
"When you take up those practices from other cultures, which are outside our Christian domain, you don’t know what you are opening yourself up to.
"The bad spirit can be communicated in a variety of ways. I’m not saying everyone gets it, or that it happens every time, and people may well be doing yoga harmlessly, but there‘s always a risk and that’s why the Pope mentioned it and that’s why we talk about that in terms of the danger of the new age movement and the danger of the occult today. That’s the fear."


  1. As opposed to pedophilia and then six hail Mary's which leads to heaven.
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