22 Feb 2015

After Being Locked Indoors For 14 Years, These Siblings Are Seeing The World For The First Time

For 14 years, the Angulo siblings were raised in New York and confined to their 4-bedroom apartment.
The Angulo clan: Bhagavan (23), twins Govinda and Narayana (22), Mukunda (20), Krisna (18), Jagadesh (17), and their sister Visnu.

Their father Oscar Angulo felt that New York would "contaminate" them, so he had the only key to the front door, which he kept locked at all times.
The Angulo siblings grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan without ever getting to know the bustling city around them.

The only connection the 6 brothers and 1 sister had to the outside world was through movies, which they enjoyed reenacting on their own.
Oddly enough, they were allowed to watch all the movies they wanted—including the most violent ones.

It wasn't until 2010, when the brothers managed to escape onto the streets of New York, dressed in suits inspired by Resevoir Dogs. This is when film director Crystal Moselle first saw the boys and their lives began to change forever.

Moselle says of their encounter: "It almost felt as if I had discovered a long lost tribe, except that it was not from the edges of the world but from the streets of Manhattan."

After coming across these intriguing brothers, Moselle became their first friend and even managed to get cameras into their home.
"They had no friends. They were homeschooled and their only window to the world was movies," Moselle says.

This year, she entered a documentary about the Angulos' unusual upbringing into the Sundance Film Festival.
Luckily, the Angulo brothers and their mother Susanne were able to make the trip to Utah and take in all the excitement.

The boys even rubbed elbows with some of their favorites, including director Eli Roth.

In the end, the film wound up winning the U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize.

As of right now, only 22-year-old Govinda has has moved out of their home. According to Moselle, they have struggled with resentment towards their father for keeping them sheltered for so long. However, the siblings (with the exception of their sister Visnu who has special needs) have managed to grow into their own and find interests outside of the apartment—Bhagavan (the eldest) has joined a hip-hop dance conservatory, Govinda has aspirations to become a director of photography, Narayana works for an anti-fracking organization, Makunda is an aspiring writing and director, Krisna and Jagadesh are interested in music and 80s culture.


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