26 Feb 2015

The Incredible New Term The White House Just Invented For Illegal Aliens

The Obama administration has illustrated time and again that it has a problem with certain words, words like “Islamic terrorism” or “illegal alien.”
So to no one’s surprise the White House has come up with a new term for illegal aliens “Americans-in-waiting.”
On Tuesday, a whitehouse.gov blog written by Shaun Donovan was published with the headline “Taking Action to Unlock the Economic Contributions of Americans-in-Waiting.”
Via WhiteHouse.gov:
DHS estimates that in the first year, there may be nearly 180,000 spouses eligible to apply for employment authorization under this rule, with as many as 55,000 eligible annually in following years. These women and men are Americans-in-waiting, whose families are often stuck for years in lengthy green card backlogs as a result of our broken immigration system. Allowing them to put their skills to use will reduce the strain on their families during that waiting time, and will yield significant benefits for our economy as well.

Unlocking the talents of more highly-skilled Americans-in-waiting by providing a portable employment authorization for those workers stuck in the green card backlog, allowing them to accept promotions, change positions or employers, or start new companies.
Sadly you can’t even make this stuff up, the Obama administration is completely out of control, and the next two years are going to be some of the most dangerous years in our history.
Reaction to this new term was both immediate and mocking:


  1. Omama's DUTY is to enforce the law. Omama REFUSES to enforce the law. REMOVE Omama for refusing to perform his DUTY.
    TEAR DOWN THAT FENCE! Why is Congress worrying about a fence around the White House ...... when the White House has torn down the fence around this Nation?! If WE do not deserve a fence to protect OUR FAMILIES ..... then,NEITHER DOES HE.

  2. unarmed invader is more correct.

  3. All americans are in waiting. Most of the good ones the really true americans, are waiting for all politicians to do their jobs. They are also waiting for the supreme court to do theirs, They are waiting for millions of other not so good sleeping americans to wake the hell up, so that when the above does not happen, we can take out these traitors, and rebuild the Great Republic, others are waiting for a sign to start a revolution or follow it. Some are waiting for an incident to happen that might trigger a revolt. Some are waiting for what they think will be the 3rd world war, some are waiting for rapture, and a few just a few are preparing for any and all of the above. Well the wait is damn near over, and most will be surprised at the end result.

  4. While America sleeps.

  5. Hey, that's better than what the politicians call Americans, i.e., useless eaters. Since the jobs are gone, with the Federal Reserve bankrolling America, with debt, I guess we are useless eaters. People born in America have used up their allotted value, Americans, are ready to be culled. Whereas, the Americans in waiting have a brand new value, worth six or seven million on the Stock Market, of course, the American Government, a corporation in the business of making money wants more of them, lots more of them. Trouble is, there are no jobs for them either. Wait until the shxx does hit the fan, of course, by then the politicians will have made it to their hideouts. Well, we'll just have to dig them out, won't we, and, give them what they really have coming...

  6. Americans-in-waiting, to have there illegal asses sent back to where they came from.....