28 Feb 2015

New Russian Propaganda video: We are occupants and we are proud of it

The Propaganda video starts with words
it seems Russia had enough covering it’s military occupational actions in Caucasus and Eastern Region,
If couple months ago Russian government was claiming that, they had no military personnel in Ukraine,
and that the rebels were Ukrainian born Russians, now it seems that the propaganda has changed to
“We Are Occupants and we don’t care what you want, we bring you wealth and good being despite of  you want it or not”
In numerous propaganda videos which are being viewed by millions of Russians every day, Russia is positioned as the Mega wealthy
Super Country which occupies free countries just to make them wealthy by building factories and making more labor places.
“I occupied Baltic State,  Many factories and power plants were built on it’s farming land. Baltic state used to produce high quality radio
equipment and cars, then they asked me to leave… Now they sell sprats and part of the population is cleaning toilets in Europe”
after listening to this, I thought to myself, how many persons are there in Europe or United States that have not encountered a Russian immigrant
throughout their lives? How can Russian people speak of changing poverty  problems in other countries, when in the country which has almost all  the precious resources that exist
in the world, people are still one of the poorest in the world and the corruption if flourishing like never before?


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