1 Feb 2015

17 Times Political Correctness Got A Little Out Of Control

1. When we were all left wondering where these fingertraps really came from
2. When my lunch had a lot of explaining to do

3. When snowmen were spared a warm, chocolatey fate

4. When a classic tale became very ambiguous

5. When this balloon didn't even know what to say

6. When these cookies went through some self-discovery

7. When this person changed their race six times while washing their hands

8. When you could get excited for as many holidays as you wanted with the help of this calendar

9. When you could finally wash all those peachy-beige-ish clothes you had lying around

10. When this dog of German origin started to question its roots

11. When this tagline was completely ruined

12. When these sweaters were reminded that real beauty is found in between your threads

13. When this banner just stopped trying

14. When the correct term was "emotionally sensitive," but we gave FedEx credit for moving in the right direction

15. When somebody thought that eggs were sphere-shaped

16. When this company decided that it was high time we started paying attention to the feelings of electricity

17. When this person had no idea what they were talking about


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