6 Jan 2015

Why Is San Francisco USD Teaching That Only Black Lives Matter?

Five school librarians from San Francisco want to make sure their district’s teachers are prepared to answer questions about the recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two black men who were killed by police. They’ve created a resource guide dedicated to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement for teacher use, which one of the compilers said will help instructors explain the news to their students.
The guide, which is available online, is little more than an aggregation of links to leftist blogs and articles, and includes links to transcripts from the Michael Brown grand jury and race poetry. San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Board member Matt Haney touted the guide as another means by which district teachers can help promote what he called ‘social justice,’ a goal of the school district. 
“I think this is going to be used by a lot of teachers, and there’s going to be a lot of excitement about this resource,” Haneytold the San Francisco Examiner. “I’m not sure if there are many other school districts that openly talk about social justice and equity as much as ours.”

In response to the deaths of the black men, SFUSD’s board passed a resolution in December to expand their ethnic studies courses to all public high schools, and include similar content into lower grades as well, the San Francisco Examiner said.

Among the links in the guide is one that that discourages teachers from teaching color blindness, the disregarding of race, which is viewed as being racist itself.
“People who insist on looking at the world without acknowledging the role of race are the ones who end up being unable to understand their fellow citizens’ reaction,” said a linked article on TheRoot.com. “Eliminating the role of race and racism in an analysis of [Michael] Brown’s death and reactions to it deprives students of a rich understanding of American history…”


  1. Maybe it is because black people are far more prone to criminality than white people? Why do so many black people RESIST ARREST? Even if an arrest is unwarranted, when a cop says "you're under arrest" all bets are off and you MUST comply or the cop is legally justified in doing ANYTHING necessary to subdue you. Why don't blacks understand that? It is not "racism" or "prejudice" that causes cops to treat blacks badly - it is the behavior of black people themselves that causes cops (and others) to treat them differently. As soon as blacks stop committing a disproportionate amount of crime, then blacks will stop being profiled.

  2. You need to take off your Pointy Hat and Bed Sheet. You obviously watch too much MSM and suffer from White Privilege Blindness. Funny , it was a White Guy who ended both my fathers' 16yr. career and Two other Cops careers with his two AR15's. So, maybe I might know a little bit more then you about Cops. Along with what they go through.

  3. Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime. That is a simple fact and all the childish name-calling in the world won't change it. Only black folks themselves can change that. "White Privilege" is a racist, borderline-genocidal myth that is being used to dehumanize whites. I pray that you and your family do not ever experience black savagery first hand - even though you most certainly deserve it. You are allergic to facts; fair enough. Someday though that facts are going to smack you in the face and you are going to be totally unprepared.

  4. Too much 'STRANGE FRUIT" in your diet. The White guy who shot my father( on Duty) was all the slap in the face I needed.

  5. So all white people are to blame for the murder of your father? I understand now. You are not arguing from rationality, from from emotional disturbance. I'm sure that one day you might realize that to extrapolate conclusions from your father's murder about the race of his murderer is textbook "prejudice" and "racism" and also a war crime known as "collective punishment." I'm sorry about your Dad, but adopting illogical, racist, war-criminal/genocidal beliefs to compensate for your emotional problems is sad.

  6. Dose anybody really need to ask why...