5 Jan 2015

'Tips For Jesus' Strikes Again At San Francisco Restaurant, Server Receives $2K Tip

Over the past year, a social media user has decided to pay it forward bygenerously tipping random servers at restaurants across the country, and now, the anonymous tipper is at it again.
Reports say that staff members at a San Francisco restaurant were shocked last week when the mysterious customer left a $2,000 tip on his check along with the now famous message, “Tips for Jesus!” Just the week prior, a restaurant in Arizona received an $11,000 tip along with the same religious message.
While many people have speculated who the person behind the serial tipping could be, some reports say that it may actually be a collective of wealthy people coming together to tip in the name of Jesus and post pictures of the receipts on an official Instagram account.
The massive tip left for the server at Tacolicious in San Francisco surprised many people, but the staff at the restaurant says that the customer actually comes in there frequently.
“He comes in here all the time and he’s amazing,” one restaurant employee told SF Gate. “Amazing to the staff.”
While many continue to speculate the person or people behind “Tips For Jesus,” the generous tips appear to be popping up across the country once again.


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